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Collaborating with male influencers in Singapore is an ideal opportunity for brands to target local men. Considering the nation’s tightly-knit population, a paid partnership with any of these male influencers could set your brand on accelerated growth.

Consider how much more sales you can generate as well as how both loyal and potential consumers can gain from your brand simply because these male influencers that we have listed have promoted your brand.

With a variety of content, from fashion to lifestyle and food, these five male influencers do have a trunk of quality content that is versatile and reaches a wide audience demographics.

Singapore male influencer #1: Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng

If you talk about being multi-talented, this male influencer certainly takes the cake. He is a singer, songwriter, former national swimmer, social media influencer, content creator, entertainer, and actor. With over 285 thousand followers on Instagram, Benjamin shares various content, from music-related to lifestyle-related. Occasionally, he throws in a little humour and wit in his content. His diverse range of content styles makes him ideal for many brands’ campaigns.

Apart from Instagram, he is also active on TikTok and YouTube, with over 393.7 thousand followers and 46.4 thousand subscribers, where he is most known for posting his one-man choir content, showcasing his musical talents as he covers popular hits all by himself.

Singapore male influencer #2: Jian Hao Tan

Jian Hao Tan

With over 656 thousand followers on Instagram, Jian Hao Tan is probably one of the most followed male influencers in Singapore. Not only is he an accomplished Instagram influencer, but he is also the CEO and founder of Titan Digital Media, a creative production company and HypeCars, a car dealership. His Instagram is filled with various posts related to his family life and behind the scenes of his YouTube videos, where he originally started and has gathered over 6.58 million subscribers.

Singapore male influencer #3: Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin

With an Instagram following of over 64.6 thousand and aesthetically pleasing self-portraits, Aaron Lin is the ideal image of a lifestyle and fashion influencer. However, there is more to him than meets the eye. After graduating with a degree in marketing and psychology, he stepped into the world of advertising, co-founding HeadQuartors, a creative photography house. Apart from being active on Instagram, he also shares various lifestyle tips, unboxing content, fashion, and date suggestions on TikTok.

Singapore male influencer #4: Seth Lui

Seth Lui

Seth Lui, one of the OGs in the food blogging industry, is known for his enticing food reviews. Many Singaporeans trust him for his reliable and quality reviews. F&B businesses that have partnered with him have mostly seen their business grow exponentially. With over 167 thousand followers on Instagram, you can be sure to find mostly short-form video content of various F&B spots both locally and internationally.

Apart from Instagram, he also runs his own website,, where you can find more in-depth reviews of various local and overseas eateries. He is also active on other social media platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, where he has over 34.1 thousand followers and 129 thousand subscribers, respectively.

Singapore male influencer #5: Dr Leslie Tay

Dr Leslie Tay 

Dr Leslie Tay is not your typical male influencer. Besides being a practising family doctor, he is best known for his online moniker, ieatishootipost, where he shares various mouth-watering stories on the best hawker food in Singapore. Recognised as one of the KOLs in the local food scene, he has been invited to deliver talks to both local and international audiences. His experience in the industry has led him to be a highly sought-after food consultant for various eateries. Together with his wife, ieatishootipost has grown into a sizeable community, gathering more than 155 thousand followers on Instagram and 49.4 thousand subscribers on YouTube.


In conclusion, these five male influencers are some of the most influential individuals in Singapore. With a variety of content from lifestyle to food, it will definitely be worth your time to check their social media pages for valuable and unique content.