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Popular Male Influencers In SingaporeSingapore is home to many talented male influencers who captivate their audiences with engaging content across various social media platforms. From lifestyle and fashion to food and entertainment, these influencers have made their mark and amassed significant followings. Here are the top 10 male influencers in Singapore you should check out:

1. Cavin Chua (@cayydences) – 315K Followers

Cavin Chua (@cayydences) - 315K Followers

Cavin Chua, known as @cayydences on social media, is a dynamic presence in the Singaporean influencer scene. You might recognize him from his vibrant TikTok videos that frequently appear on the For You Page (FYP). Cavin’s content is a delightful mix of storytime and POV videos that radiate an infectious, high-energy charm.

In addition to his comedic flair, Cavin is also a skilled dancer. He often shares his original choreographies, adding another layer to his already multifaceted persona.

2. Jianhao Tan (@thejianhaotan) – 676K Followers

Jianhao Tan (@thejianhaotan) - 676K Followers

Jianhao Tan, or @thejianhaotan, is one of Singapore’s most well-known influencers with 676K followers. His entertaining and humorous videos have gained him a loyal fanbase, making him a household name in the local digital landscape. Jianhao’s content often includes comedic skits, vlogs, and collaborations with other influencers, which resonate well with his audience. His YouTube channel, which features a variety of content from school-themed series to lifestyle vlogs, has further cemented his status as a leading content creator in Singapore. Jianhao’s charisma and ability to connect with his audience have made him a beloved figure both online and offline.

3. Benjamin Kheng (@benjaminkheng) – 446K Followers

Benjamin Kheng (@benjaminkheng) - 446K Followers

Benjamin Kheng, who goes by @benjaminkheng, has a following of 446K. As a member of the popular band The Sam Willows and an actor, Benjamin’s multifaceted talent and charming personality shine through his diverse and engaging content. His Instagram feed is a mix of music, personal life, and artistic photography, reflecting his creative spirit. Benjamin often shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his music projects, acting gigs, and personal milestones, allowing his followers to feel a part of his journey. His authentic and heartfelt posts have endeared him to fans, making him a significant influencer in the Singaporean entertainment scene.

4. Seth Lui (@sethluicious) – 187K Followers

Seth Lui (@sethluicious) - 187K Followers

Foodies in Singapore are undoubtedly familiar with Seth Lui, known as @sethluicious. With 187K followers, Seth’s mouth-watering food reviews and recommendations make him a trusted name in the culinary scene. His blog and Instagram feed are filled with detailed reviews of the latest food trends, hidden gems, and popular eateries in Singapore. Seth’s ability to describe food with such passion and precision makes his followers eager to try the dishes he recommends. His content often includes beautifully shot food photos, videos of his culinary adventures, and tips for fellow food enthusiasts. Seth’s dedication to exploring the vibrant food culture in Singapore has made him a go-to source for all things delicious.

5. Rao Zi Jie (@raozijie) – 48.9K Followers

Rao Zi Jie (@raozijie) - 48.9K Followers

Rao Zi Jie, or @raozijie, has 48.9K followers who enjoy his unique content that blends music, lifestyle, and travel. His distinctive style and creativity make his posts stand out. Rao Zi Jie’s Instagram feed is a visual treat, featuring a mix of song covers, scenic travel destinations, and glimpses into his daily life. His attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of his experiences make his content both aspirational and relatable.

6. Glenn Yong (@glennyqh) – 482K Followers

Glenn Yong (@glennyqh) - 482K Followers

Glenn Yong, known on Instagram as @glennyqh, boasts a following of 482K. His content includes a mix of lifestyle and travel, appealing to a wide audience with his vibrant personality. Glenn’s posts often showcase his travel adventures and personal style. His dedication to promoting a balanced lifestyle has earned him a loyal and growing following.

7. Trevor Tham (@trevtham) – 100K Followers

Trevor Tham (@trevtham) - 100K Followers

Trevor Tham, or @trevtham, has captivated 100K followers with his entertaining and relatable content. His videos often touch on everyday life and humorous scenarios, making him a beloved figure online. Trevor’s content ranges from funny skits and parodies to heartfelt vlogs and travel diaries. His ability to find humour in everyday situations and present it in a way that resonates with his audience has earned him a dedicated fanbase.

8. Nicholas Teo (@hargaohunk) – 22.3K Followers

Nicholas Teo (@hargaohunk) - 22.3K Followers

Nicholas Teo, known as @hargaohunk, has a niche following of 22.3K. His content is a blend of lifestyle and comedy. Nicholas’s ability to infuse comedy and humour in a way that is accessible and relatable has earned him a loyal and engaged following.

9. Noah Yap (@onlynoah) – 129K Followers

oah Yap (@onlynoah) - 129K Followers

Noah Yap, or @onlynoah, entertains his 129K followers with his comedic and engaging posts. As an actor and content creator, Noah’s dynamic presence online keeps his audience coming back for more. His Instagram feed is filled with humorous videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses of his acting projects, and personal anecdotes. Noah’s ability to make people laugh and his genuine approach to sharing his life have made him a beloved figure in the Singaporean entertainment scene. His talent for storytelling and his relatable content have earned him a dedicated and growing fanbase.

10. Desmond Tan (@thedesmondtan) – 254K Followers

Desmond Tan (@thedesmondtan) - 254K Followers

Desmond Tan, known on Instagram as @thedesmondtan, has a significant following of 254K. His posts often highlight his acting career and personal life, giving fans a glimpse into his world. Desmond’s content includes behind-the-scenes looks at his acting projects, personal milestones, and everyday moments. His ability to share his experiences in an authentic and engaging way has earned him a loyal and supportive following.


In conclusion, these ten male influencers are some of the most influential individuals in Singapore. With a variety of content from lifestyle to food, it will definitely be worth your time to check their social media pages for valuable and unique content.

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