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For this festive season, VivoCity wanted to get shoppers excited and eager to spend. To get the word out about the exclusive Christmas sales, VivoCity planned to launch an influencer marketing campaign along with a series of livestreaming events for shoppers.


VivoCity wanted to encourage shoppers to make their way to physical retail stores during the Christmas season by posting enticing visual content on social media platforms. The visual content needed to reflect the festive spirit and create ‘Christmas cheer’ during a difficult season. 

Furthermore, they also wanted to organise a fun, engaging and beneficial event for its shoppers while ensuring that it kept in line with safe distancing measures. Having seen a large rise in popularity in recent months, livestreaming was the perfect choice for such an event.

However, this was the first time the mall would be organising such an event, and it needed to find the perfect influencers who would bring a spirit of excitement and joy to the event. 


Kobe worked with VivoCity to identify relevant influencers for both their social media campaign and the livestreaming event. Both aspects of the campaign needed to provide value for all stakeholders involved:

Brand Influencer Consumer
VivoCity is the mall to be at when shopping this Christmas season. – Influencers want to create timely content for the Christmas season
– Hosting a high-profile event will help to boost their credibility and visibility, while also providing them the chance to engage followers in an interactive session.
– Followers want to interact with their favourite influencers.
– Shoppers are interested in gift advice and discounts, as well as giveaways.

Influencers were told to head down to their favourite shops and discover exciting deals for themselves at VivoCity. They could then share these amazing finds with their followers – along with beautiful visuals of the mall’s Christmas-themed decor – and encourage them to come down for their Christmas shopping needs.

At the same time, Vivo decided to host a multiple-livestream event, with a unique and exciting theme for each session:

  • Fitness & Gadgets – Getting the Christmas-bod
  • Gifting Guide – Christmas Gifting Ideas
  • Feastings & Home Décor – Christmas Feasting Tips

Each session would not only feature exclusive vouchers and giveaway prizes, but also provide added value to shoppers by giving them curated tips and advice related to the topic, as well as introducing shoppers to various brands and products.

The influencers were also asked to shoutout about the event on their personal social media profiles, tapping their large individual follower reaches to boost the event’s attendance.


Both the Instagram campaign and the VivoCity livestream sessions were able to generate positive buzz and excitement about the mall. The Instagram posts were able to showcase retail outlets within VivoCity in a flattering and festive light, leading to a high number of likes and engagements with influencers. At the same time, thousands tuned into each livestream session in hopes of winning exclusive prizes and vouchers. While they were there, they received helpful information about the mall’s wide variety of offerings, as well as gained inspiration and ideas for their Christmas gifts. 

All in all, the campaign engaged and energised shoppers, encouraging them to head down to the mall to experience this holiday shopping event for themselves.


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