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Mountain Dew’s latest collaboration with PUBG Mobile encouraged PUBG gamers to form their teams and participate in a local tournament. To register, they needed to head down to a local supermarket and purchase a bottle of Mountain Dew to find an exclusive code under the bottle cap.

For this campaign, Mountain Dew wanted to inform gamers about this collaboration and educate them on how they could register for the tournament.


The social media posts for this campaign needed to be clear and informative—rather than coming across as a Mountain Dew endorsement, the posts would would have to convey that the campaign was about the collaboration between both brands. This meant ensuring that the content imagery visually tied into both Mountain Dew and PUBG, which could prove difficult given they each have their own distinct and unique aesthetic.

Furthermore, the influencers had to explain the complex campaign mechanics in a simple, yet effective way.


This collaboration targeted casual gamers and enthusiasts who were highly involved in the PUBG community.

Many of these gamers are younger individuals who tend to follow popular gaming personalities on video-streaming platforms, many of whom also have a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram. With this in mind, Mountain Dew worked with Kobe to select a group of relevant local gaming influencers to spread the word.

As a sizeable portion of PUBG players enjoy the game on mobile devices, where casual gaming thrives, the campaign targeted millennial casual gamers. This meant that, in addition to conveying the campaign information accurately and being relevant to gaming, the content could not lean extremely heavily into hardcore gaming culture. This was because it could potentially alienate certain segments of our audience. Furthermore, since PUBG is an online, multiplayer battle royale game, many of our consumers were likely gamers who valued shared, social experiences with their friends.

The Kobe Relevance Concept is Kobe’s unique content strategy methodology that emphasises relevance and value for all stakeholders involved in a campaign.

Our client needed to get gamers excited about the campaign while providing clear instructions on how to participate.Our selected influencers wanted to cater to their audiences with quality visual content that related to the gaming world.Our target audience was casual gamers who valued shared social experiences, on-the-go mobile entertainment and light gaming-related content.

To achieve a cohesive and effective visual aesthetic, the campaign featured attention-grabbing visual overlays in the form of the iconic green lighting of Mountain Dew, which served as the overall visual motif to tie the campaign’s content together. Due to Mountain Dew’s strong brand association with gaming, we knew our target audience would be highly familiar with the visual theme. The content deliberately balanced light gaming references with outstanding visual elements that would be appealing even to the most casual gamers.

At the same time, our influencers were tasked with exercising their creativity in making visual references to PUBG. The influencers met this challenge by preparing elaborate costumes evocative of military equipment and even posing with Mountain Dew bottles as weapons from the game. Several also posed together for fun group shots that brought out the social elements of what our audience loved about the game.

Captions were also made interesting and relevant by interspersing campaign instructions with popular phrases associated with PUBG.


We’re impressed with how efficient and quick Kobe was in finding us relevant influencers for our campaign. Not only that, they went above and beyond in working with the influencers to achieve a coherent visual aesthetic that perfectly represented both Mountain Dew and PUBG. They never fail to impress us each time! We’re thankful for all the effort that Kobe put in for our campaign!
Gerina Wong
Marketing Lead, Etika Pte Ltd

The creative overlay, combined with the selection of relevant gaming influencers, clearly and effectively communicated the campaign’s key message; comments garnered were gaming-centric and highly relevant to the campaign. Users also expressed that the posts seemed like actual ads for the game, reflecting the quality of the images and the accuracy with which we represented the game.


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Photos 100/10


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