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Will 2019 be the Year of Influencer Marketing 2019?

By January 20, 2019October 31st, 2019No Comments

Influencer Marketing Singapore:

As we approach influencer marketing 2019, the changes for influencer marketing instagram is expected to have new trends, challenges and players. Is influencer marketing a market disruptor? Is that why we’re not done at all? We’ve just begun for influencer marketing 2019, let’s talk about some trends.

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It’s all about data

We have reached a point where companies can gather nearly all the data they need to know you better and fully understand what makes you click. Fed with all this information, brands will know what consumers and fans want to hear and see, and looking at one influencer’s Instagram profile will feel like talking to your best friend—you’ll feel heard, happy and understood. Because friends are those who know all about us. However, the business of big data has brought big concerns, too. So now consumers are getting more protective of their information, and brands are becoming aware of it.


Rise of Micro-Influencers

In an effort to bring themselves closer and closer to their audience, brands will make a big push toward medium-influencers. The influencer marketing industry is not just a place for players with massive followings. Influencers with a range of followers from 50,000 to 250,000 will generate more engagement than their colleagues with a larger audience. Additionally, a medium-influencer will benefit not just your engagement numbers, but your ROI too. The key to succeed with medium-influencers? Focus on content.


More Video Content Partnerships on Influencer marketing instagram

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Followers want to get as close as possible to their favorite influencer marketing instagram. They want to see action and experience the real life of the influencers they admire. Influencer Marketing 2019 will see an increase in video content. The age of advertisement in a picture is evolving with the dwindling attention span of consumers. Followers need to watch it!


Put your attention on Gen-Z  for influencer marketing 2019

Gen Z is slowly taking over as the leading generation on social platforms. There are a few traits that will make this transition happen faster. Gen-Z are more global, have higher individuality, better at multitasking. Therefore, all these traits will make for highly successful influencers and committed influencer marketing instagram followers.