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Why micro-influencer marketing should not be ignored

By October 27, 2018October 30th, 2019No Comments

Micro-influencer coming in big

Micro influencers 2018 like micro influencers instagram are the topic of the town. The micro-influencers definition has been generalised to high engagement, low followers count. With the global explosion of social media over the last five years, the topic of social media influencers is the hottest topic.  With millions of followers for so many accounts, that really shows how much we love social media. Micro-influencer campaign is the new thing. Hence, let’s talk micro-influencer marketing.

Does numbers amount to influence?

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But do high follower counts really result in greater influence? Are these influencers/celebrities really the most influential? Mega doesn’t guarantee success. Do not forget that influencer marketing is an organic process. Working with celebrities just isn’t the best option for the majority of influencer marketing campaigns. If you are one well-established brand looking for mass appeal, sure.

What about those looking for awareness?

This time, you will need a trusted and influential member to reach into your consumer’s circle. That’s when you turn to micro-influencers – people with smaller, more loyal followings who have significant clout within their respective communities.

Bang for your buck

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Influencer marketing is not cheap if you plan on working with on mega influencer. Think about this way, for the same amount of money, you can either activate several micro-influencers within your chosen verticals and get in front of roughly five million combined followers or amount the same to one that will give you the minimum?

Sharing Brand Affinity


If you want to engage with a loyal audience, go with an influencer that genuinely loves your brand. That being said, it brings us to the next point, better engagement and reach. The simple assumption is that more followers means more engagement, right? Markerly has data that shows otherwise. According to a recent study on Instagram engagement, as follower totals go up, rate of engagement actually decreases. Influencers with 1K-10K followers have a like rate of 4%, compared to 1.6% for those with 10M+ followers. Comment rates also decline significantly, as those in the 10K-100K range are four times more likely to get a comment than those in the 10M+ range.

As you decrease followers, you gain engagement but lose reach. Conversely as you increase followers you gain reach but lose engagement. The sweet spot for influencers is in the 10K-100K follower range. This provides you with a broad reach but also a solid amount of engagement.

Identifying your key micro-influencers will drive visibility and engagement. As a brand, you want to engage with people that are really passionate about your products. This will bring higher brand loyalty and conversion.