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With the increase in popularity of TikTok, many brands are including TikTok in their digital marketing strategy. How exactly does one go about doing so? A good strategy is to tap into existing trends to produce similar branded content.

Therefore, we will be introducing 5 viral TikTok videos to help marketers out. If you are interested to learn more about the viral trends that are surfacing on TikTok, this article is for you to learn and get inspired by these trends.

Viral TikTok videos: #1. Annie Goh’s Germany video

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Firstly, we have Annie Goh’s (@anniegoh37) Germany video. Annie starts off her video with her iconic “我们在” Germany Line. In the course of the 15-second long video, she shows off her hotel room and makes hilarious comments about the state of the room.

From her Singaporean accent to her cheerful tone, the video immediately shot to popularity. As of today, Annie’s video has received 6000 likes and more than 200 comments. The reach of the video does not stop there – more than 700 videos have been created on TikTok using the Annie Goh Germany soundbite.

This video propelled Annie to popularity on TikTok. With 15K followers on the platform, she has been regularly creating TikTok videos for her followers. She has also collaborated with fellow TikTokers like Royce Lee and Titus Low.

Annie’s video certainly shows how videos on TikTok can go viral overnight. Not all of us may be experienced content creators or influencers. However, TikTok is a platform where the content of small influencers can also become viral.

Viral TikTok videos: #2. Steven He’s “Emotional Damage” video.

Secondly, we have Steven He’s (@steven_he) emotional damage soundbite.

In the viral video, Steven He demonstrates his exaggerated accent by pronouncing the words “emotional damage” in a unique way. The video turned out to be a hit amongst the TikTok community, with many others syncing the soundbite to things causes the “emotional damage”.

Viral TikTok videos: #3. Madonna’s Material Girl

Thirdly, we have Madonna’s Material Girl. You may be wondering if this is the Madonna song from the 1980s. Indeed, this is the exact song from the 1980s that has hit TikTok with a bang in the recent few months.

Why the sudden increase in popularity? Well, part of this song has been made viral by a TikTok trend.

In the trend, we see content creators transforming from an older version of themselves to a dolled-up version. How is this done? Well, an ageing filter is used for TikTokers to film themselves transiting from the older version of themselves to a younger version of themselves.

The interesting transition is in sync with the soundtrack of the song. TikTokers have certainly shown their creativity when it comes to TikTok transitions. From interesting TikTok looks to creative poses, there have been many transformative videos on TikTok.

The vintage vibe of the song could perhaps be one of the reasons why this song became such a hit on TikTok. Again, this shows us that any type of content can go viral on TikTok. Whether it is a pop song from 2022 or an oldie from the 1980s or 1990s, TikTok has somehow managed to make viral popular trends from the different decades.

Viral TikTok videos: #4. Saucy Santana’s Material Girl (Bass Boosted)

Fourthly, we have Saucy Santana’s Material Girl soundbite on TikTok. While it has a similar name to the Madonna song, this is not to be confused with the hit song from the 1980s.

This material girl soundtrack actually forms a portion of a song with the same name, released by Saucy Santana, who is a rapper.

This song was actually released in 2020. However, it became a hit on TikTok in the recent few months. How did it go viral? Well, the soundtrack originally became trendy when TikTokers used it to show extravagant or bougie things.

From glass lifts to branded bags, the soundbite has been used in videos where content creators are seen enjoying extravagant experiences and items. That being said, TikTokers are a creative bunch. Many of the TikTokers have used the soundbite on their pets too. For instance, one TikToker uses the soundbite to show how her dog gets pampered with a fried egg every morning.

With close to 700K recreations of the original soundbite, Saucy Santana’s material girl has certainly been a TikTok hit. Again, such viral videos once again show the power of TikTok trends in the world of music.

Viral TikTok videos: #5. DJ Khaled’s Major Bag Alert (posted by Damickey Lillard)

Lastly, we have DJ Khaled’s Major Bag Alert, which is a soundtrack taken from DJ Khaled’s song with the same name.

What does the soundtrack mean? Well, the soundtrack generally refers to situations where easy money can be obtained. Bag is actually the slang for money. Thus, it is not really surprising that TikTok users have used this soundtrack to describe situations where there is a “major bag alert”.

The soundtrack has been used in 400K videos on TikTok. From dentist to psychologist trips, TikTokers have used this soundbite for situations that they deem to be a “major bag alert”.


In a nutshell, these are 5 TikTok soundtracks that have gone viral on the platform. As you may be able to tell, many of these soundtracks have actually gone viral thanks to certain trends popping up on TikTok. Whether it is an old song or a simple video created by micro-influencers, TikTok’s ability to discover new content is amazing.