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influencer marketing

Types of influencer campaigns

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Category for Influencer Marketing is expanding

Influencer marketing examples for influencer marketing 2018. The types of influencer campaigns are expanding outside of food, lifestyle, etc. Even though influencer marketing has been growing steadily through recent years, brands outside of fashion,
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Hence, from banks to insurance companies to personal finance apps, they are recognizing the benefit influencer marketing.

Influencers can humanize financial brands

Let’s face it in influencer marketing 2018: Topics relating to finances — savings accounts, retirement, loans — can be confusing, intimidating. Thus, influencers are uniquely positioned to connect a brand to a personal story. Connecting a brand and its products to a personal life journey – whether that be saving for a wedding or financing a renovation is highly relatable.

Example: Prudential Insurance

It highlights people who’d experienced extreme loss and how it affected them emotionally or financially. Therefore, they connected with consumers’ feelings of love and loss through its #MasterpieceofLove short film series. 

influencer marketing examples: Deciding on the right influencer

It’s important for a brand to partner with one that has a personal connection or passion for a cause. This is to ensure the partnership is authentic, driving a deeper community engagement. 

Be especially diligent in providing and requiring clear disclosure

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Influencer marketing is no longer just about product placement. Out of all the products and services those marketers promote, financial brands’ values are rooted in personal life experiences. Uniquely positioned to drive personal stories around products, Influencers are powerful. Hence, theres typically no clear product placement occurring in a post about a financial brand, so marketers must disclose one influencer’s paid post.