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The Impact Of Influencer Marketing On Consumers

By December 9, 2018July 9th, 2024No Comments

Influencer Marketing Examples and Strategy

Tips on influencer marketing instagram and influencer marketing strategy with influencer marketing examples. First, customers read reviews before making purchases. All the time. In fact, over a third of consumers report relying on reviews before making a purchase.

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Value of Influencer Marketing Instagram

This is where the value of working with trusted influencers to try, then review products. How exactly influential are these influencers are? And what consumer groups are compelled to purchase because of something they’ve seen, read, or heard from an influencer?  The impact of influencer marketing on consumers is pretty impressive. Here’s why.

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The Impact of Influencer Marketing Instagram on Consumers

What is the impact of influencer marketing strategy on consumers? Influencers are people. Humans like people, and they trust each other. People trust people more than they trust brands and more than they trust marketers.

Influencers are real.

The best influencers are honest, know and respect their audience. They don’t lie about products just to make a buck, and can deliver real value for both brands and the audience of friends and followers they’ve amassed over the years. Trust is key. And this is also what many influencer marketing examples emphasize on.

They are also entertaining

Offering new and exciting ways of sharing a brand’s message, people are more attracted to read. And consumers love the influencers who are sharing this information and these products with them. From what I can see, those influencers love them right back. It’s a relationship, not a one way sales channel that brands and agencies have been accustomed to in the past.