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Summarising Influencer Marketing in 2018

By January 6, 2019July 9th, 2024No Comments

Is Organic Growth on Influencer Marketing Instagram Dead?

Summarising influencer marketing trends 2018 for influencer marketing instagram. Influencer marketing 2018 has been a great year for marketers. If you don’t have a paid social strategy and budget in 2019, you are quickly going to become irrelevant? Is it true that Influencer Marketing Instagram has became a ‘pay to play’ space?

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Before social media influencers, brands worked with celebrities and traditional media to advertise and sell. When audiences started to crave more authentic advertising, social media influencers and influencer marketing instagram emerged. But now larger influencers are struggling to maintain authenticity and are becoming increasingly expensive. So, brands are turning to “microinfluencers,” who have high influence over their specific niche.

One key influencer marketing trends 2018 was that such Microinfluencers did gain some additional share in this space. This is due to the fact that their content is less likely to be driven by sponsors.

Everyone who works in the digital space should try to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. However, just because you know the latest trends doesn’t mean you can do it right. Always question if you truly need it. Evaluate what’s right for your brand to get the bang for your buck. This is especially in a time when consumers are doubting authenticity within brands and looking to other sources.


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Launched in June 2018 and owned by Instagram, IGTV is new to the social media scene. Instagram and Facebook Stories are also pretty newly introduced as one of the key influencer marketing trends 2018 for influencer marketing instagram. Hence, it has became a popular feature that marketers shouldn’t ignore. “Now, people are posting Stories and video, and it’s crucial that advertisers make the transition to these mediums,” said Ryan. “To effectively reach consumers, ads need to feel authentic and unobtrusive. Instagram Stories is a non-interruptive advertising platform that aligns with consumers’ preferences.”

It’s a vertical video application where users can watch long-form video from popular Instagram creators. The application isn’t a popular medium for advertising yet, but marketers should keep an eye on the platform for future opportunities.