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Whether you are looking to wind down at the end of a long workday or take a break in between the many meetings, TikTok is a great place to take a mental escape from life. You can find everything, from humour and home décor to news updates and comedy. One of our personal favourite categories is skincare advice.

Whether you are looking to boost your skincare routine or looking to start one, we have compiled five of the most followed skincare TikToker influencer that you should check out for expert advice.

Skincare TikTokers #1: Dr Shah – 18M followers

Skincare TikTokers 1

Dr Muneeb Shah, known as DermDoctor on his TikTok page, is a board-certified dermatologist specialising in procedural, cosmetic, and medical dermatology. Through his TikTok, he shares various tricks and tips on practical skincare routines, such as face cleansing. Apart from skincare tips, he also posts reaction videos to skin-related videos posted by others. Besides TikTok, he also posts regularly on Instagram and YouTube under the name Doctorly to 1M followers and 2.39M subscribers, respectively.

Skincare TikTokers #2: Yayaya Young – 1.7M followers

Skincare TikTokers 2

Young Yuh, known as yayayayoung on his TikTok page, might be the only one in this list that is not medically or board-certified. However, that does not mean he lacks in any way. The Korean-American skincare content creator, who is most famous for his catchphrase, “Merry Skincare”, connects with his 1.7 million followers through his energetic personality and insane skincare challenges, such as using a $200 gold mask. If you are looking for more relatable content with a tinge of comedy, then this TikTok ‘skinfluencer’ is the one to follow. Apart from TikTok, he is also active on Instagram with 108K followers.

Skincare TikTokers #3: Cassandra Bankson – 408.7K followers

Skincare TikTokers 3

Cassandra Bankson is not only a medical aesthetician but also a model and social media personality. If you are looking for hard truths and debunked theories, then you will love what she is doing. Her TikTok feed is filled with posts debunking any misconceptions or myths regarding beauty products and practices. She also throws detailed product reviews and fun trends into the mix. Besides TikTok, she is incredibly active on YouTube and Instagram, where she has earned more than 2M subscribers and 226K followers, respectively.

Skincare TikTokers #4: Charlotte Palermino – 382.6K followers

Skincare TikTokers 4

As a writer and licensed aesthetician, Charlotte Palermino not only co-founded Diuex, a skincare brand, but also works as “your skincare fairy godmother”, or so she calls herself. Charlotte is known for informative posts that delve deep into clinical studies as well as understanding facts about the ingredients behind some of our favourite skincare products. Her easy-to-understand posts make it popular among her 382.6K followers. Besides TikTok, she also updates her Instagram regularly for her 290K followers.

Skincare Tiktokers #5: Dr Alexis 243.1K followers

Skincare TikTokers 5

Dr Alexis Stephens, like Dr Muneeb Shah, is a board-certified dermatologist. However, she specialises in hyperpigmentation treatment, such as micro-needling, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. When not busy treating her patients, Dr Alexis is active on TikTok, educating her 243.1K followers, especially ones with darker toned skins, with easy-to-understand skincare tips. Apart from TikTok, she also actively posts on her YouTube channel and Instagram.


These skincare influencers on our list show us how skincare advice can be packed into a TikTok video. TikTok is a great platform for beauty and skincare enthusiasts. If you are interested, do get on the platform to discover more skincare influencers!