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Rethink Influencer Marketing Strategy

By November 3, 2018July 9th, 2024No Comments

Influencer Marketing 2018

Influencer marketing 2018: key influencer marketing strategy including step by step guide with influencer marketing examples. The trust and familiarity they have with social influencers extends into advertising endorsements and can make for a very successful marketing campaign. How should you go about your influencer marketing strategy or influencer marketing 2018?


  1. Choose the right social platformperson holding space gray iPhone 6

Research has shown that 71% of adults who are digitally active also have a Facebook account. Usage among seniors continues to further increase. 73% of adults aged 30 – 49, 63% of adults aged 50 – 64 and 56% of people 65 and older all use Facebook. This won’t come as a surprise to most – we’ve all had older family members who have unintentionally embarrassed you on Facebook. It happens to the best of us!

  1. Find the best influencer

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The effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaign relies on how well your target audience is receiving the message. Older generation do follow a small portion of social media personalities. Hence you need to work hard to find them.

And when you do find that crop of influencers, you need to discover whether that influencer is likely to be ‘influential’. Go through influencer marketing examples to understand if they do have influence over your audience. 

  1. Refine, but do not over-simplify

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The data immediately available to marketers can help a business understand their customers better than ever before. Take it further than generally targeting the older generation – this age group can be refined further. Think about where they may be in their purchasing journey and adjust content and partnerships accordingly.