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What do you think of when it comes to TikTok? Lip-sync videos? Dance challenges? Dalgona coffee?

While several dance and lip-sync challenges have become viral thanks to TikTok, there is actually a whole range of unique content that TikTok offers. After all, with the number of TikTokers on the platform, you can expect each one of them to have their unique interests and expertise. Whether you are looking for a simple tutorial or a full-blown comedic skit, you will be surprised by the diversity of content found on the platform.

Thus, this article focuses on the unique types of content that TikTok has to offer. From gardening to slime-making videos, there is a huge range of content that remains undiscovered on TikTok.

Interesting TikTok content: #1. ​​Gardening

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Firstly, we have the gardeners on TikTok.

This category of Tiktokers does not necessarily have to be professional gardeners. However, it would not be an understatement to say that all of them have green fingers. Indeed, many of them have documented their gardening process, and in doing so, educated their followers on TikTok.

An example of a gardening TikToker would be @gardenmarcus. Whether you are a beginner at planting and gardening or an expert with plants, Marcus’ account is great for gardening tips.

Some of the plants he grows in his personal garden include the Elderberry bush as well as a blueberry plant. Apart from delectable fruits, he also has some tea leaves that are perfect for a homemade brew.

Even if you have no interest in growing your own plants, there is something so soothing about Marcus’ videos that will interest anyone. After all, his content is so wholesome and allows us to witness the wonders of mother nature through the screens of our smart devices.

Interesting TikTok content: #2. Slime

Secondly, we have the Slime Tiktokers.

There are many interest groups on TikTok. Viewers that enjoy watching slime-related content are one of these interest groups on the platform. Other interest groups include resin as well as crystal interest groups.

Making or playing with slime are the most common types of slime videos. Many Tiktokers have subsequently started their own slime business creating slime to cater to the needs of their followers.

One example of a slime TikToker includes @peachyslime, an account which has over 100 million likes and close to 5 million followers on the platform. The account restocks its slime once a week. However, in the meantime, a flurry of slime-related videos are uploaded on the account to showcase some of the unique creations. From french toast to cookie lime, there are all sorts of slimes with different designs and smells.

If you enjoy watching slime-making videos, do check out such accounts where the entire process of making and packaging slimes is shown on TikTok.

Interesting TikTok content: #3. Fruit cutting

Thirdly, we have the fruit cutting videos.

While many may be bewildered by this category of TikTok videos, they are actually gaining popularity on the platform. Like ASMR, many viewers have found such TikTok videos rather relaxing.

In fact, in the realm of fruit cutting content, there are many variations of video types. There are some influencers who recount storytimes while cutting fruits, while others merely showcase the process of slicing a fruit into perfect pieces.

An example of a fruiting cutting Tiktoker would be @fruit_world_, a TikTok account that has garnered more than 200K likes from fruit cutting content.

On the account, many types of fruits are featured. From common fruits like kiwis and strawberries to more exotic-looking fruits, a huge range of fruit-cutting videos is available on the TikTok account. If you are looking for some satisfying videos to watch, do check out the fruit-cutting content.

Interesting TikTok content: #4. Origami

Lastly, we have the Paper experts, the origami content creators.

If you are someone who enjoys arts and crafts, or simply looking to make a hand-made gift, Origami Tiktokers may be a category of influencers you would want to check out.

There is a whole range of DIY content creators. From DIY home decor to DIY school supplies, TikTok has a whole list of tutorials available on the platform.

However, an oft-forgotten category of DIY influencers is the origami Tiktokers. These influencers have consistently uploaded videos teaching millions on TikTok about the beauty of Origami.

@origammaray is an example of an origami Tiktoker. Apart from simple origami-like cranes and planes, the account showcases a variety of unique origami such as origami lilies and Easter bunnies. Therefore, if you are looking to gift a heartfelt and handmade gift, do check on the origami TikToks available on the platform.


In a nutshell, there is a diversity of content on TikTok. If you have are interested in a specific topic or would like to learn a unique skill, TikTok is likely your place to go. Thus, do check out the platform for more unique and niche content types.