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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Influencer For Your BrandAs our eyes have become figuratively glued to digital screens, businesses from various sectors and industries are also embracing digital media as a form of marketing. With the ever-changing needs and demands of consumers in today’s digitally-focused world, businesses are diverting their time and focus to building their brand recognition virtually.

Furthermore, marketing by collaborating with social media influencers has been increasingly popular. Why? Because the strategy is proven to be beneficial for brand and audience growth. As a result, it is vital to know the fundamental factors to consider in looking for the right influencer that will ultimately fit your brand’s image and personality. Let us dive into these said factors and read the guide to finding the perfect influencer.

Guide to finding the perfect influencer for your brand: #1. Choose a social media platform

An influencer campaign on a social media platform where your brand is currently doing well is a terrific way to leverage that popularity and help it grow. For instance, if your brand is most popular on Instagram — you can opt for that safer choice.

However, entering new and unknown territory with a well-known influencer partner can ultimately introduce you to a platform you have been trying to touch on for your marketing campaign. Let’s say your brand’s following on Facebook is not that great, but there is a well-followed influencer on that platform perfect for your brand. In that case, you can take that opportunity to expand your brand recognition to a new audience.

Moreover, you can focus on one social media platform over the other, or you can try to choose a bunch simultaneously. That is as if the influencer you have selected has a strong following and foundation on the channels you have chosen to partake in.

Guide to finding the perfect influencer for your brand: #2. Select an influencer with relevance to your brand

There is a lot more to consider than simply the influencer’s social media presence and total following. You must choose an influencer whose goals, messaging, and content are aligned with your brand. If, however, they are in the same niche as you, but the style or voice of the influencer’s work differs significantly from your own, you will most likely have a hard time reaching the right audience, regardless of how engaged their fanbase is.

For instance, if you are a makeup company, and your target market is Gen Z or a relatively younger audience, it may be challenging to reach your desired market if you partner with a much older makeup influencer. Therefore, it is crucial to consider your brand’s personality first before collaborating with an influencer to represent your brand.

Guide to finding the perfect influencer for your brand: #3. Consider the scope of your budget

Influencers with a more extensive following are generally considered ideal for better brand exposure. However, it is essential to note that the quality of their following is more important than the number of followers they have. Smaller name influencers deliver just as well, especially if they have a steady and solid following regardless of the quantity.

As such, if you are starting on a tight budget, collaborate with a micro-influencer with a dedicated audience, as a smaller influencer typically charges lesser than a more well-known influencer. On the other hand, you can always partner with large-scale influencers once you have the set budget for that.


The influencer marketing strategy has ultimately helped various businesses, and it can even help you too. Just remember to take the guide mentioned above into consideration, and there is no doubt that the process of searching for an influencer will be so much easier. Additionally, it is also advised to partner with an influencer agency to guide you in the process.

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