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Instagram Now Allows You To Apply For Verification Blue Badge

By January 27, 2019July 8th, 2024No Comments

2019: New Instagram Verification Service

How to get verified on instagram 2018 was big. Now with instagram verification service, you can enjoy benefits of blue tick on instagram too! Now, rolling out worldwide, everyone will have the ability to ask Instagram to publicly verify their accounts. A “verified account” is one that has a blue checkmark next to the user’s profile, signifying that Instagram has certified the account as the genuine handle of a public figure — or, at least a figure “public” enough to have a bunch of followers on Instagram.

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Last year’s how to get verified on instagram 2018

Previously, there was no clear process for attaining the verification mark. The badge, coupled with the lack of transparency about how to get verification, led to much Influencer frustration.


Now we have Instagram Verification Service

Now, at long last, users can click “Request Verification.” They’ll find the request button in the settings tab. Then they’ll submit a form and upload a photo of their ID card. Instagram tested this process out in Australia in July, and it’s now available to all.

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Does it guarantee the blue tick?

Of course, requesting verification doesn’t guarantee that everyone who wants a blue checkmark will get one. Don’t be silly! If we all had it, it wouldn’t mean anything!! It’s still reserved for a “notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity it represents.” Instagram will deliver the notification verdict — confirm or deny — via a notification.

Benefits of blue tick on Instagram

Instagram isn’t releasing the official criteria for whether and how it will actually grant verification. However, it is focusing on those who have large amounts of followers since any shady behavior, such as misleading people about who’s actually behind an account, has the potential to do the most harm.

What are the benefits of blue tick on instagram for business?

Although the instagram badge idea may seem insignificant, but for small businesses and influencers, it can make a big difference. The main benefits of blue tick on instagram is the ability to legitimize someone. Which can lead to sponsorships or other business opportunities! Considering how home grown so much fame on Instagram is, it’s been a bit baffling that Instagram users didn’t have a path to request verification before.