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When Instagram first started off in 2010, it was known for being a photo sharing social media platform. Over the years, the platform has evolved to include many other functions. From the introduction of videos on the Instagram feed, to longer form videos on IGTV. The platform has not only expanded in terms of its monthly active users, but also in terms of its range of features.

Instagram has also been popular for influencer marketing due to its widespread popularity. However, due to the constant changes on the platform, marketing on Instagram has also evolved. Therefore, this article will touch on how influencer marketing on Instagram has changed, in light of its new features. The content covered will include Instagram reels, Instagram stories as well as Instagram TV (IGTV).

Instagram for businesses | Instagram 2021

Instagram 2021, Instagram influencer marketing

Before we start, it is important to note what a business account can do on Instagram. If your brand does not have an Instagram account, do sign up for a business profile. This is because the functions of a business account will aid you in planning your marketing campaigns.

You can check important statistics with a business account. Instagram allows businesses to track data such as the time at which their followers are the most active on the platform.

By clicking onto the ‘insights’ tab, business profiles are able to track the demographic of their audience. Additionally, business profiles will also be able to track the period where their audience are active on the social media platform. Such information informs brands about the optimal posting time on their accounts, thus improving the impact of any marketing campaign.

Additionally, do not forget to add in your bio. A tip would be to keep your brand’s bio simple and succinct. You may choose to add other information such as your businesses contact (i.e. an email). Of course, you may also add a clickable link on the bio. You may choose to add the link to your brand’s website to the Instagram account to facilitate traffic between your brand’s social media account and main website.

Instagram influencer marketing & Instagram stories | Instagram 2021

According to statistics from Instagram, more than 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day.

Instagram stories are images or videos that can be shared on the profile. However, these stories will only last for 24 hours, and will be removed from the user’s profile subsequently. That being said, you can choose to leave your Instagram stories on your profile for an extended period of time with the highlights function.

Due to their temporary nature, Instagram stories are great for more authentic, less curated branded content. This does not mean that no thought goes into the production of these content. Instead, you can take on a more casual tone on Instagram stories.

The power of Instagram stories? Well, according to a survey done by Facebook, 50% of users have visited a website to buy a product/service as a result of seeing it in Stories. You may direct traffic to your website by including relevant links in your Instagram stories.

Instagram influencer marketing & IGTV | Instagram 2021

Another development of Instagram would come in the form of Instagram TV (IGTV). Prior to IGTV, users could only upload videos that were up to a minute long. However, users can now upload longer-form video content with IGTV.

Currently, if your account is a verified account, you may upload videos that are up to an hour long. If your account is not verified, videos up to 10 minutes long may still be uploaded.

You may choose to post previews of your IGTV videos on your feed. This can help to increase the visibility of your video. After all, not everyone has downloaded the IGTV application.

There are multiple uses for IGTV. Given that it allows the production of longer-form content, this can complement the other aspects of your campaign. For instance, you may create tutorial videos explaining how your product can be used. You may complement the IGTV video with an Instagram story that links to your product. Users then have a direct route of purchase after learning more about your product on IGTV.

Tutorials are not the only way to utilise IGTV. Q&A sessions and behind the scene videos are also highly popular among brands on IGTV. You can even stretch your imagination a little further. For instance, you can create a talk show, or a mini series that may be uploaded on your brand’s IGTV. A great way to come up with content would be with the help of influencers. After all, influencers are well familiar with the workings of content creation on IGTV. Therefore, working with an influencer to create a video for IGTV could be a great idea.

Instagram influencer marketing & Instagram reels | Instagram 2021

Lastly, we have the newest addition to Instagram – Instagram reels. Instagram reels is similar to the format of content on TikTok. Instagram users can create 15 to 30 second video clips and choose the soundbite that goes along with the videos. The videos can then be shared with their followers or to the explore page (if the creator has a public account).

Although Instagram reels was recently launched, changes have been made to the function. For instance, just a few months ago, the Remix option was added to Instagram reels. The remix function allows users to add their own reels to other reels clips.

This option is similar to TikTok’s ‘Duets’ function, which allows the combination of videos by different content creators.

How can marketers make use of Instagram Reels? Well, like TikTok, Instagram reels consist of short and catchy videos. Therefore, instead of piling on huge amounts of technical information on your Instagram reels, do break down your content into small bite-sized pieces. At the same time, do remember to make use of the soundbites to enhance the entertainment value of the video.


Instagram has come a long way since its introduction. This explains why it has continued to capture the attention of consumers all over the globe. Therefore, do keep up with the new features and functions of the platform in planning your next marketing campaign.

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