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2 Crucial Takeaways For Influencer Marketing On Instagram

By September 30, 2018July 8th, 2024No Comments

The Influencer Marketing industry

The influencer Marketing Instagram is gaining more attention than ever. Influencer marketing strategy with influencer marketing examples is essential for planning influencer marketing strategy. 84% of marketers surveyed by eMarketer said that they plan to launch an influencer campaign within the next 12 months. With this increase comes the need for standardization around influencer marketing metrics and its return on investment. 

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Users spend more time on Influencer content than traditional display ads

With more than 25% of all internet users deploying ad blocking software (eMarketer), these ads may never even be seen by a portion of the target audience. Influencer content, however, continues to break through and is still a trusted resource by consumers that drives engagement. The better the content, the more time spent and the more engagement it receives. Today, it’s truly not about the quantity of content but the quality that influencers provide in conjunction with their engaged audiences. 

Seasonal influencer content is interesting

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Influencer Marketing proves to be a valuable strategy, especially since the content lives online forever.  Holiday, Summer and Halloween content all proved to be perennial. Holiday and Halloween showed about a 129% increase in content views. While Summer content showed a 42% increase and a 48% increase in content views the following summer. When thinking of a strategy around Influencer Marketing, be sure to keep this in mind. So that when your seasonal content resurfaces the following year, it’s still relevant.

Be aesthetically pleasing

As humans are all visual animals, people can see if effort is placed into constructing a post. Put in some effort, and it will be worth it when it comes to influencer marketing Instagram. When photos appear on user’s feed, you will want to stand out. Some influencer marketing examples include matching their feeds with a common filter, or have a theme that flows throughout.