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The influencer marketing is rapidly expanding, showing no signs of plateauing. In fact, latest statistics from Mediakix have estimated that the industry will grow to a total of 22 billion in 2022.

You may have noticed that many brands are involved in digital marketing. This focus on the digital landscape has also been expedited by the global pandemic. Therefore, in today’s context, it is commonplace to see brands being involved in some form of social media marketing campaign.

That being said, not every brand is as successful in evoking a response from the online community. Therefore, we will focus on what some of these brands did to create successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing case study: #1. Zoom

Social media marketing case study, Influencer marketing ideas

Firstly, we have the video conferencing platform, Zoom, which has been a household name during this pandemic period. From company meetings to university lectures, Zoom has become an integral part of our lives in the past year.

How did Zoom propel itself to fame? Well, one of the reasons includes their strategic marketing campaigns. In 2020, Zoom launched its very own marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and encourage users to try out their platform.

Their marketing idea? Well, Zoom held a virtual background contest for its users. The platform selects 3 winning entries at the end of each month for the virtual background contest.

From Zoom’s example, we can see that a social media marketing campaign need not involve mammoth plans. Instead, it can be as easy as a competition or giveaway to entice more users to enjoy the product/service. Therefore, competitions involving your customer base can be a great way to start off your marketing campaign.

Social media marketing case study: #2. Chupa Chups

Secondly, we have Chupa Chups, the Spanish brand best known for its lollipops.

Chupa Chups might be a household name when it comes to lollipops. After all, you can find the famous lollipops in 150 countries. However, brand awareness does not necessarily translate to sales.

Chupa Chups thus started their #chupachupschallenge to engage the Gen Z audience. The Gen Z audience and their familiarity with the internet meant that the campaign had to be creative enough to stand out from all the other content vying for this generation’s online attention.

What better way to engage the Gen Z by working with Gen Z influencers? After all, these are the people who would know what attracts the eyeballs of the Gen Z audience. Chupa Chups eventually worked with Gen Z influencers to come up with fun and creative content. Influencers recreated their childhood photos while incorporating Chupa Chups into their content creation. From old film photography to throwback pictures, tapping into nostalgia was a great way to engage their target audience.

Social media marketing case study: #3. Under Armour

Thirdly, we have the American sports apparel brand, Under Armour. For this particular campaign, Under Armour’s target audience was its female customers. Therefore, Under Armour made the strategic choice to work with female fitness influencers.

Under Armour did not restrict the content creation process of their influencers – creative freedom was a huge part of this campaign. After all, Under Armour’s #Unlikeany campaign was meant to celebrate the achievements of women from all walks of life.

The creative freedom awarded to these influencers allowed for a wide variety of content to be produced. This showcases the diversity of content a brand can achieve by tapping into the creativity of different influencers.

Social media marketing case study: #4. Samsung

Fourthly, we have Samsung, the South Korean electronics brand that produces a range of electronics.

Despite being a renowned brand, Samsung was looking for a way to engage its millennial audience. Therefore, Samsung launched an inspirational campaign that was aimed at spreading the message that anything is possible.

This was done through the all star ambassador program, a program where influencers get to realise their passion through projects powered by Samsung. One of the influencers the brand collaborated with included blogger Sandra Kleine Staarman, who got the chance to go on an inspirational trip to LA, where she created her own Instagrammable ‘pink wall’.

This campaign did not involve a direct call to action to purchase Samsung products. However, campaigns like the above help with branding. This can be seen from the fact that this particular campaign had an approximate reach of 3 million and hundreds of shares.

Social media marketing case study:#5. Prada

Lastly, we have Prada, the Italian fashion house. Prada’s influencer marketing example shows the brand’s versatility in working with different types of influencers. Unlike many other brands, Prada chose to work with a virtual influencer in their Fall collection.

There are many types of virtual influencers. Firstly, we have brands that create their own virtual influencers that cater to their brand. Secondly, we have virtual influencers that work with multiple brands. In Prada’s case, they worked with an influencer from the second category. Prada collaborated with Lil Miquela, the virtual influencer best known for her stylish looks, to promote the collection.

From animated GIFs to Instagram videos, content featuring the brand was uploaded on Lil Miquela social media account. The brand even collaborated with the virtual influencer to produce a virtual tour of Prada’s booth.


Influencer marketing might be a booming industry. However, influencer marketing still has room for growth. In fact, from these 5 case studies, we can see that there are endless ways of creating a unique influencer marketing campaign. Therefore, do expound on your creativity in your next influencer marketing campaign.

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