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Advertising Using Influencer Marketing & Social Media

By October 14, 2018July 8th, 2024No Comments

What is social media advertising?

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Influencer Marketing 2018: Conquer advertising using social media with our 4 social media advertising tips. You can learn from influencers who built their personal brands on Instagram from scratch on their own. These are the people who understand their core audience needs and content proclivities. As a result, their ability to meet those needs and proclivities shape their success.

Here’s 4 ways to do social media sponsored posts.

Multi-Dimensional Hustler

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Include all the parts of your brand that make it appealing to your target audience. Ranging from background story about you, to inspirational content, to works-in-progress. Show your audience how multi-dimensional you are, while keeping your style.


Some ways you can consider:

  • Invest in Youtube videos.

While you may rely heavily on Instagram Stories, investing in produced video to tell your story in a more polished manner may be good. Make sure you are complimenting more “raw” video formats like Instagram Stories with produced video around major launches.

  • Don’t oversell and leverage off-social content on Instagram

While you promote partnerships, there is no need to flood your feed with obviously sales content. Make sure your influencer partners are creating content that matches what their audience expects, to avoid negative or lackluster reactions to branded content.

The Storyteller

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You can opt to tell great stories, even posts with an advertising product can include a long caption that tells an involved story.

  • Get raw.

Some of the most successful Instagram posts are incredibly vulnerable. Incorporate some of this rawness in your own brand strategy.


  • Mix words and pictures.

This one relates back to the previous point: BE MULTIDIMENSIONAL. Make sure you’re inspiring your audience with words and telling them a story with pictures.

Everyone is an Influencer

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  • Repurpose content from your target audience.

This content doesn’t have to mention your brand, but it should represent the ethos and persona your brand is focused on. Always ask permission, of course.

  • Be your own audience

It is important to always post what your audience wants to see. So think from your audience’s perspective. Thus, increasing your engagement and reach!

Share Your Activism

  • Don’t preach all the time.

While the posts above certainly make it seem like it, mix up your more serious, activism-minded posts with simple posts that appeal to your audience’s sense of beauty and wonder.

  • Consistency is key.

If you have a conversation that you want to lead, don’t dilute it. Double down on that campaign and/or strategy, and make sure your visual content and messaging is consistent.