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Hashtag Game

By February 2, 2017October 17th, 2019No Comments

Do not fret when your sales stuck. Do not worry when your social media presence is not adding values to your business. Probably, you just need to break the routine and have some fun. Let’s play this game: The #HASHTAGS Game. It doesn’t cost you money, instead, it may bring you money and name.


No limit to player’s age.


Smartphone and social media savvy.

Individual of any occupation and business.


Unlimited categories of #hashtags.



Other gadgets.

Social media accounts, preferably Instagram


This game is meant to improve a business’ performance, sales and engagement with the consumers. Most of the time, this game would benefit the players. Victory is subjective, it is relative to what the players perceive.


  1. If you do not have a social media account for your business, make one first. Preferably, it is an Instagram account.

  2. Think of an interesting #hashtag name that is unique to your company and catchy as hell. How to create a creative hashtag name.
    For eg., #kobear #whackobe #kobae

  3. Tell your followers on your Instagram profile, “tag #kobae in your photos to get featured!”

  4. Usually, followers who love your business or Instagram profile would like to do this because they want their posts to be featured in the account they look up to.


  1. Go to public places, for eg. campus.

  2. Put a number of free things such as food and drinks at the tables or other places you think will be seen by many people.

  3. Attach a message that would brighten up the day of the receiver, for eg. “You look good today!”, “all the best for your exam!” etc. together with #yourhashtags

  4. People might feel happy, and would like to thank you for doing the little kindness.

  5. Chances are: they post a picture of the free things together with #yourhashtags.

Alternative: you could ‘instruct’ the receiver blatantly to post a picture of the free thing and tag @yourbusiness and #yourhashtags. It would sound a little bit forceful, so it is recommended to have a follow-up : “tag us to win more prices!”


  1. Think of a photo contest or challenge and announce it on your account.

  2. Create a set of rules that include:

    1. Follow @yourbusiness

    2. Tag #yourhashtags on the post

    3. Optional: tag some other friends in the posts too to gather more crowd to join your contest

  3. Make your contest sound prestigious and cool for the public to join for eg. in collaboration with the legendary brands out there!

  4. Don’t forget to prepare attractive and worth-it prizes.

Tips: a fun contest would attract more crowds for eg. meme-making challenge, mannequin challenge. Reposting some of the contestants’ photos (even though they are not the winners) would be an act of appreciation. Your audience would love you more.

Credits: Feliciana Natali


Inspired from the marketing ideas of WHACKOBE3, TEAM 5 (AM Session) and TEAM 2 GetKobe-d from NTU Nanyang Business School