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Government Taps On Influencers To Engage Young Singaporeans

By October 19, 2017July 5th, 2024No Comments

Overview on Influencer Marketing

Through different celebrity endorsements, it becomes easier for many businesses to reach a larger number of customers and create relevance between the business and the consumers. In fact, the audiences put their trust on the influencers than the brands. Hence, it is essential to match up to relevant influencers to boost the business.

Here are some tips on how you can do so:

Relevancy is Key

You will need influencers by your side. Even the biggest brands see a need for influencer marketing. If you successfully include them as an essential part of your marketing strategy, you will be able to achieve an outstanding engagement with your audience. At the same time, you can easily grow your customer base.

Below are some important factors for you to identify the right influencer for your products and services.

TOPICS  Image result for topics icon

Make sure that the niche that influencer is involved with is relevant to your requirements and your brand. It is essential for you to take note what your chosen influencer covers and talks about. Apart from you need to focus on the topic, you also need to understand the other details and specifications.

In case that you are selling beauty products and your target influencer is focusing on health products, he or she is not suitable for you. The influencer that you will work should have the understanding of the relevance of what you are offering.

ENGAGEMENT Image result for engagement icon

If you wanted to know how effective and reliable an influencer is, you can check and analyze their followers. Also, the follower count can serve the size of their audience. By simply determining their engagement, it is easier for you to determine his or her effect on the audience.

You need to determine whether the followers are responding to his or her messages and whether they are participating or not. That way you can determine if the influencer is effective in engaging his followers to his updates.

DEMOGRAPHICS Related image

Apart from the geographical location that you need to put a focus on, you also need to know if it possible for your brand to create an appeal to millennials, new moms, sports enthusiast and other groups. The demographics will be based on your particular needs where you will need to check the demographics of the audience of your target audience.

The demographics of the target influencer includes the age, gender, religion, race and much more. These factors can actually influence how your target audience will respond to your message. Also, it can be easier for you reach the right audience if you are going to identify their demographics.