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If you are a frequent user of TikTok, you are probably more than familiar with the content on the platform. Dance videos, comedic videos, and the list goes on.

However, do you know that there are other forms of niche content on TikTok? Today’s article focuses on one category of unexplored TikTok content, astrology TikToks. If you regularly follow astrology videos, or simply are interested in knowing more about your horoscope, do check out these 5 horoscope influencers for some binge-worthy content.

Astrology TikTokers: #1. Maren Altman

The top 5 Astrology TikTokers in 2022 | Horoscope influencers, Horoscope influencers, Astrology TikTokers

Firstly, we have Maren Altman (@marenaltman), who is an astrology influencer on TikTok. If you are a fan of astrology content, chances are that you have come across her content on the platform. With 1.3 million followers and over 50 million likes, Maren is no stranger to creating TikToks.

Like many other horoscope influencers, she does daily horoscopes, where she talks about what the different signs can expect on a particular day.

Apart from astrology updates, she also incorporates astrology into all sorts of trendy videos. For instance, she has recently jumped on the rating video trend, whereby she posted a video with the caption “when he is a 4 but he has the same venus sign as your rising sign”.

Something extra unique about her content would be its relatedness to all sorts of topics. Whether it is about relationships or general career advice, astrology can often be connected to many topics in our daily lives. Maren certainly shows that by tying astrology together with her crypto updates.

Astrology TikTokers: #2. Alyssa Sharpe

Secondly, we have Alyssa Sharpe (@thedivinevenus), who is an astrologer that actively shares her readings on TikTok.

If you enjoy relationship-related content, Alyssa’s account is the place to go. She has many videos where she analyses the relationships of the different star signs.

She also has a series of relationship Hot Takes, where she shares her opinions about couples with different star signs. Apart from her TikTok account, Alyssa also does private readings. Thus, if you enjoy what you are listening to on her TikTok account, you can consider getting an in-depth analysis from Alyssa.

Astrology TikTokers: #3. Owen Pierson

Thirdly, we have Owen Pierson (@owenpiersonxo), who is a TikToker with many different talents.

Apart from being great with his astrology knowledge, he also acts and films content for TikTok at the same time. Indeed, Owen is an example of how one’s hobbies can be incorporated into one’s content creation process. With 187K followers and close to 7 million likes, Owen has certainly succeeded when it comes to TikTok content creation.

On his TikTok account, he has all sorts of entertaining videos. For instance, he often has mini skits whereby he acts out the stereotypes of the different star signs. Whether you watch astrology videos as a guilty pleasure or are genuinely interested in learning more, Owen’s videos are a great place to start thanks to his lively persona.

Astrology TikTokers: #4. Lynelisaa

Fourthly, we have Lynelisaa (@Lynelisaa), who is a TikToker known for her “types of people” videos.

Unlike the other horoscope influencers on this list, Lynelisaa’s astrology content is less in-depth, but equally enjoyable to watch. Her astrology-related videos include fun videos such as her “5 most loyal zodiac signs” as well as her “6 most hated zodiac signs”.

Apart from astrology-related content, she also does other types of videos. To name of few of these other videos, they include stereotypes of college majors, highest paying degrees and the list goes on.

Astrology TikTokers: #5. Indigo Selah

Lastly, we have Indigo Selah (@witti.indi). Indigo is an astrology TikToker with great insights into contentious astrology topics.

If you are looking for a no-frills analysis of your star sign, Indigo’s account is the place to go. Her videos often show her sitting and discussing pertinent astrology topics and her opinions on them. For instance, in her latest discussion type video, she talks about earth signs and whether they are boring.

Many of the topics that she brings up are rather contentious, but if you are looking for interesting astrology discussions, do check out her TikTok account.


Many may think that astrology TikTokers are an extremely niche bunch. However, even within this niche community, there is a great variety of content. Whether you are looking for comedic astrology content or want something serious, these 5 horoscope influencers have great content worth checking out.

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