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5 Key Reasons On The Importance Of Social Media InfluencersMore important than ever, peer recommendations and word of mouth are favoured by customers when it comes to brand reliability. While mass advertisements are still relevant for their broad reach, they are not as successful in generating brand awareness. In order to push potential customers to consider buying your services or products seriously, a personal approach is vital. However, it is definitely not possible for businesses to engage directly with such a large pool of potential customers. This is where the partnership with social media influencers can bridge that gap.

Social media influencers are individuals who have the ability to make an impact on their followers’ decision-making and perspective. When a brand work with social media influencers, they not only are able to boost brand awareness but also influence their audience with a different perspective towards the brand.

If that has not convinced you of the benefits of social media influencers, we have compiled five key reasons that elaborate on their importance and why brands should start considering partnering with them.

1. Wide and loyal audience

Most successful social media influencers boast an extensive reach, no matter the platform they are using, from Twitter and YouTube to Instagram and Tik Tok. This means that by partnering with them, your brand will have access to a large pool of potentially loyal customers. As long as the social media influencer mentions your brand name, talks about your products and services, or shares your brand’s social media posts, they are already amplifying brand awareness and communication.

One good example is Tyler Oakley, a popular vlogger on YouTube who currently has 6.87 million subscribers. In 2012, because of his constant promotion on his socials about his love for Taco Bell, they sponsored him and sent him to cover the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Because of that, Taco Bell also gained more recognition and popularity, being able to reach a large pool of audiences through Tyler in a more personal way.

2. Strong networks

Social media influencers boast a strong network. Their influencer circles consist of not only their existing loyal fanbase but also fellow successful social media influencers who, in turn, have their own influencer circles. The people within their influencer circles engage in discussions and conversations on the influencer’s posts, leading to brand building.

Not only that, but they also often repost such posts, which means that your potential audience multiplies, leading to increased visibility and awareness. As long as fellow social media influencers and loyal followers get the message across to other people in their network, who, in turn, pass it on to their own network, it will result in a snowball effect that your brand can be assured of.

3. Quality content

In a study done by an American digital marketing institute in 2021, it was found that 44 per cent stated that they follow their favourite influencer because they enjoy their content. Quality content is vital to any form of marketing campaign, and not just KOL marketing.

Social media influencers are able to generate quality content that goes well with their followers, thus reducing the work for you. With their experience and knowing what goes well with their audience, brands can be assured that they will come up with unique ideas to market their brand well.

4. High credibility

In the same study, 70 per cent of teenagers state that they trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. They might not be regarded as experts in your brand’s industry. However, social media influencers have the power to steer their audience’s general opinion of your brand. A word from their favourite social influencer has the ability to make or break your brand. What better way to boost your brand’s reputation than to partner with a genuine individual with high potential customer values on social media?

5. Latest insights and trends

Social media is their bread and butter. Social influencers rely on social media to make a living. Therefore, they are always kept up-to-date on the trends and insights. Through a partnership with social media influencers, your brand can stay ahead of the competition by being acquainted with trends and employing them to reach potential customers further. Your marketing campaign can be made more accessible with the help of social media influencers.


Many brands and businesses and employing the help of social media influencers these days. Fostering and maintaining strong relationships with them will only strengthen their perspective and convince them to associate more with your brand.

However, we know that it can be challenging to identify the right social influencer to work with, especially when there are so many successful ones out there. This is where we, Kobe Global, come in. We are an influencer marketing agency in Singapore that has partnered with many social media influencers and KOLs in the Asia Region, such as Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. With a vast pool of social media influencers, we have helped many clients achieve grow their brand, achieving successful marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to reach out to as many potential customers as possible, then social media influencer marketing is the way to go! Check us out at to find out how to get started today!