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7 YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns Types To ConsiderInfluencer marketing is the way to go if your brand is looking to market new products or build brand awareness. YouTube influencer marketing is an example of such a platform where successful marketing campaigns can be achieved. The thing about YouTube is that not only is it widely used and highly accessible by many, but it is also an evergreen platform that will remain trendy forever.

There are different kinds of influencer marketing campaigns that businesses and brands need to be aware of. In this article, we have gathered some of the critical types of YouTube influencer marketing campaigns that brands can consider.

Key YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns To Consider

YouTube influencer marketing is considerably straightforward if you are kept up-to-date with the current social influencers in the online space. On top of finding YouTube influencers with a high number of followers and getting them to promote your brand, you also need to find the best-suited influencer to partner with. Before you find out how to partner with the best-suited influencer, here are seven YouTube KOL marketing campaigns that you can utilise for your brand.

1. Sponsored Videos: These styles of videos are straightforward and offer easy-to-digest detail about the product. It can be inserted in any point of the YouTube video, allowing the influencer to review and promote the brand whenever they want. This also provides the followers with a better understanding of the brand.

2. Unboxing Videos: These styles of videos are one of the most common methods of endorsing a brand product through opening packaging and offering details to the influencer’s followers. A typical unboxing video involves opening the brand package, using the given product, and reviewing its pros and cons. 

3. Tutorial Videos: These styles of videos are one of the most searched YouTube videos. Influencers typically educate their followers on using the given product, adding value to their followers. 

4. Brand Awareness: These styles of videos are ideal for boosting the promotion of the brand. Using their YouTube intro, they then promote the brand. The key focus of this form of YouTube influencer marketing campaign is not to sell but rather to make their followers aware of the brand.

5. YouTube Vlogs: One of the reasons why YouTube is such a popular platform is because of the vlogs. Many users enjoy watching their favourite influencers’ vlogs so as to know what they typically do in a day. This interaction between the influencer and their followers fosters a unique bond. By working with brands, they can promote the brand subtly without their followers realising it. 

6. Giveaway Campaigns: These styles of campaigns are one of the most used techniques among YouTube influencers. They usually conduct giveaways as a contest. Not only is it free publicity for the brand, but it also helps to make their channel a little more interesting.

7. YouTube Live: These styles of videos got more popular in recent times, mainly due to the pandemic. Basically, the influencer broadcast their video live, allowing their followers to interact with them. They then use the time to promote the given brand and its product. 

Finding a best-suited influencer

It is vital to find the right influencer that has adequate knowledge about the industry and market your brand is in. It does not make sense partnering with an influencer who has millions of followers but specialises in beauty products when your brand is in the tech industry.

Knowing what kind of audience you are trying to target helps brands to be aware of the YouTube influencer you want to partner with in your marketing campaign. This is where Kobe Global comes in – matching brands with the right social media influencers.


YouTube influencer marketing is currently the ideal marketing campaign choice, creating high brand awareness and boosting the customer base. Hence, connecting with the right YouTube influencer is vital.

If you are looking to start a YouTube influencer marketing campaign, but do not know who to look for, do not worry, as Kobe Global can provide a professional solution. Working with some of the best and most popular influencers all around the world, we have the experience and expertise to match your brand to the right influencer for maximum results.

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