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influencer marketingInfluencer Marketing Strategy

4 Tips to Perfecting Influencer Marketing Strategy

By November 25, 2018November 1st, 2019No Comments

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy on how to build an influencer marketing strategy with influencer marketing strategy example for free.When some organizations start out with influencer marketing, they seek the easy route by applying a traditional paid media approach to influencers. But Influencer Marketing is a whole new strategy, so here’s 4 tips.

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Show, Don’t Tell in the Influencer World

Get an influencer to demo your product on their platform, effectively introducing the product to their audience and displaying its efficacy. For example, quote their testimonials and use that information as your own marketing copy. Drive traffic to your website by linking them to you, or including the opportunity to purchase a product within a post. Because influencers are everyday people who happen to have a large following surrounding their makeup tutorials, or workout videos, or baking skills, etc. Their audience trusts them as a voice of authority regarding products and brands. If you can get an influencer to believe in your product, chances are their audience will follow suit.


Driving Consideration and Purchase Intent

Influencer marketing can be utilized in many parts of the path to purchase journey, but its sweet spot is driving consideration and purchase intent. Influencer Marketing can go beyond just the total number of people reached, or engaged with the sponsored content. How you adopt influencer marketing depends on how you bring each campaign to life. Think about how your brands participate with your consumers’ lives!


Know Who Resonates in Your Area

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Sometimes influencer marketing is all about recognizing the local talent. They usually have ready audiences in your niche, so do your research! Sort out your plans and get ready to communicate once you find the right fit. How do you want to work with influencers? Are you looking to drive sales? Or are you looking for user-driven content? For example, micro-influencers will often provide images and videos in exchange for exposure on the brands’ social media. Are you looking for brand awareness? Here is where you should allow for a mix of large and micro influencers to lift your brand with content experts in your niche.


Stick With What Influencer Knows Best

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Remember, most influencers are elevated consumers who have gained the trust of their followings through their particular taste and aesthetic. They are equivalent to the friend in the group who always shows up in the coolest outfit, but instead of a few friends, they have tens of thousands. Let them be successful for your brand by sticking to the type of posts and style that their followers were drawn to in the first place. If their audience is happy with the content that you’ve helped them to create, the influencer is more likely to work with you again in the future.