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Overview of Singapore health and fitness industry

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Singapore Health and Fitness Influencers

There are many types of influencers spearheading the change in the health and fitness industry. Including health influencers Singapore, fitness influencers Singapore and lifestyle bloggers Singapore. The different genre of health and fitness blogs include healthy eating blog Singapore, natural health blogs, women’s fitness blog and exercise blogs too!

Types of health and fitness activities

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The way we carry out exercising is evolving. One of the reasons may be due to the introduction of similar unification of fitness and emotional health. It’s a combination of yoga and jogging from Tangram wellness, providing coaching, training and a place for wellness to build total strength. People also visit health and wellness websites for more information as well.

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Health and Fitness Bloggers

These health bloggers Singapore are usually Singapore fitness bloggers who blogs about their get fit process and providing tips and advices in the midst of it. Some up and coming top bloggers in Singapore 2017 belongs to the healthy lifestyle blogs 2017, wellness blogs 2017 and health blogs 2017 categories as the year draws closer to an end.

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Sandra (The sam willows)

Health and Fitness Instagrammers

On top of blogs, the most popular social media platform has got to be Instagram. Rather than writing long posts, some fitness instagrammers Singapore have a feed of gymming photos. It shows their identity as a fitness enthusiast Singapore hence defined as fitness instagram Singapore.

An example is fitness competitor Jasmine Neo, where she used to be a cheerleader, now evolved to a confident fitness competitor. 

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Another SG certified personal trainer @bmbshxll also frequently updates her following on her fitness progress.

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It’s the start of a brand new year! Is health and fitness one of your new year resolutions?