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There are a plethora of ways to categorise influencers, from their following sizes to the type of content they post. Nevertheless, working with influencers offer tons of brand benefits, especially when you are trying to enter the Malaysian market.

Hence, we will be introducing 5 top Malaysian influencers that you should know should you be looking to accelerate your brand’s growth in any of the mentioned niches.

Top Malaysian influencers #1: DJ Jenna Chew – 20.1M followers

Malaysian Influencers 1

At the top of this list with 20.1M followers is influencer, model, and deejay Jenna Chew. Born and raised in Malaysia, she is mostly based in Taiwan now. However, she is still well-known and popular in Malaysia. Her feed is mostly filled with clips and snapshots of her exciting and fun lifestyle as well as snippets into her deejaying life. Apart from being active on Instagram, she is also active on TikTok with 1M followers. She recently started YouTube and has gathered more than 4.5K followers at the time of writing.

Top Malaysian influencers #2: Scha Alyahya – 6.6M followers

Malaysian Influencers 2

Scha Alyahya is a Malaysian TV host, actress, and model who is best known for playing the lead character in one of Malaysia’s highest-rated TV series for three seasons. Born with a mixed heritage of Chinese, Hadhrami Arab, and Malay descent, her feed is mostly filled with her work, such as the events she attends, as well as fashion. However, here and there, she still updates her fans on her family time with posts with her husband and two daughters.

Apart from Instagram, she is also active on TikTok with about 60.1K followers.

Top Malaysian influencers #3: Karen Kho – 164K followers

Malaysian Influencers 3 

Karen Kho is a full-time lifestyle, travel, and fitness influencer. At the same time, she also works as a certified fitness instructor and real estate agent. However, despite her lavish and busy lifestyle, she still makes time for her family, especially as a rather new mom to her 1-year-old daughter. Her feed is mainly filled with fitness, real estate, lifestyle, travel, and family. Apart from Instagram, she is also active on TikTok and YouTube, with more than 21K followers and 1.1K subscribers, respectively.

Top Malaysian influencers #4: Master Ramen – 162K followers

Malaysian Influencers 4

Firdaus Hashim, also known as Master Ramen on Instagram, is a popular gaming video creator. Besides creating gaming content, he owns the Malaysian PUBG team, Bapak Ah Sports. Additionally, he is also a brand ambassador for a lifestyle and video game culture brand called Gank. His Instagram feed is mostly filled with gaming content, with the occasional Gshock watch collab content. Apart from Instagram, he also posts on TikTok to his 160.9K followers.

Top Malaysian influencers #5: Ryan Chew – 69.7K followers

Malaysian Influencers 5

Known as squarepad on his Instagram profile, Ryan Chew is a lifestyle photographer who typically does food, portraiture, street, architecture, and interior photography. On top of that, he is also a certified optometrist at an Eye Specialist Centre. His Instagram feed is filled with a well-curated list of photographs relating to his styles of photography. If you are into photography or just want to know where to find good coffee and food, then this is the page to follow.


There are many Malaysian influencers out there. It is impossible to write about every single one of them. Hence, we have chosen these five exceptional individuals!