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Instagram started as a picture sharing social media platform. However, over the years, it has evolved and incorporated many other features. From videos to Instagram Stories, Instagram has been regularly uploading its platform with new features for its users to enjoy. The latest feature is Instagram reels, which allows users to record and edit 15 to 30 seconds long video clips.

Launched in August last year, Instagram reels has been picked up by many Instagram users. The concept is similar to the videos that we have become accustomed to on TikTok, where users share and upload short videos with catchy soundbites.

Now you might think, how is this related to marketing? Well, although reels is a relatively new feature on Instagram, this offers an alternative to marketing on the platform. After all, the ability of short catchy videos to go viral has been proven as seen from the popularity of TikTok. Thus, we can expect reels on Instagram to play a pivotal role in one’s marketing campaign.

What you can use Instagram reels for | Instagram trends

Instagram Reels, Instagram trends

Like any other feature on Instagram, your brand could use reels to fulfil multiple functions. Firstly, marketing does not always have to involve a direct call to action to purchase. Spending your time to educate your audience could be a great way to market your product in an indirect way. Educating your audience can come in many forms.

Firstly, you can educate your audience about your industry. For instance, if you are in the healthcare business, you can share general statistics about the healthcare industry.

Alternatively, education can be more specific. You can educate your audience about your brand’s objective. What are some values that are unique to your business? How is your business different from the others? What are some initiatives that your business has engaged in? You may choose to include these facets of information that convey your brand’s personality.

After all, marketing is not only about an immediate conversion of sales. Instead, your business’s branding and the connection your brand establishes with its target audience should be the main consideration of any marketing campaign.

Of course, you may use reels to market the product and services that your business offers. You will be surprised by the impact a 30-second video could make on your business. Within 30 seconds, it is possible to highlight and entice your audience to make a purchase. That being said, this all depends on the execution of the video.

A few tips would be to avoid going into the technicalities and specific details of your product. After all, packing excessive information into a 30-second video could risk losing the attention of your audience. Instead, choose a few simple points to include in your video. For instance, how your product is distinct from the other products in the market or how your product can revolutionise a person’s life.

Now that we have established how reels can be helpful in attaining some of your business’s goals, we will move on to sharing some tips on how to use this feature.

Tips for using Instagram reels | Instagram trends

Before we start off, like any other marketing campaign, it is important to do your research before embarking on content creation. Although Instagram reels is a relatively new feature, do look at what is trending on reels. There are certain trends that might work well with your brand, or complement the message you have for your audience. Therefore, it will never hurt to look at some existing reels to inspire the content your brand creates.

Apart from research, you should also have ample planning. While Instagram reels are generally for casual, more lighthearted content, this does not mean that content on reels should be haphazard. Instead, it is important to establish the objective of your reels.

What is the message that you wish to convey? How can you convey this message in under 30 seconds. Additionally, although the format of content on Instagram reels is slightly different, the content that your brand produces should be consistent with your other content.

In other words, although content on Instagram reels can take on a less formal front, the general messaging should be consistent with your business’s branding. This means that a certain level of professionalism needs to be maintained. The accuracy and reliability of information are still very important.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, hard-selling should not be the goal of your Instagram reels. This is especially so with an increasing number of advertisement adverse social media users online. From ad blockers to skipping advertisements, direct advertising is no longer as impactful.

Instead of hard-selling your products, there are many others you can encourage a purchase without being overt about it. For instance, if selling a cleaning appliance, demonstrate how useful your appliance is. Does it take a shorter time to finish the household chores? Does it clean obscure areas? Choose a few outstanding features of your product and demonstrate how these features work in your Instagram reels. Instead of a direct call to action, showing your audience how helpful your brand’s products are is far more compelling and at the same time, creates content that your audience would actually watch.

Content ideas for Instagram reels | Instagram trends

There are many content ideas that you could consider. What is elaborated on below is a non-exhaustive list of common content ideas for your Instagram reels.

Firstly, reels can be a great way to showcase what goes on behind the scenes. Be it an event or a photoshoot for your brand, Instagram reels can be utilised to showcase more personal content.

Secondly, reels can be used for storytelling. Telling your audience how your brand started off is a great way to personalise your brand. At the same time, it indirectly shares the values and meaning behind your brand. This can help with building connections between your target audience and your brand. 30 seconds might be too short to get your story across. Therefore, you can always choose to break your story down into parts for your users to watch.

Lastly, you can always share user-generated content. For instance, if you are in the beauty industry, you can share content created by users who have used your product to complete a makeup look. These types of content can help to establish the credibility of your product. After all, they act as reviews from other users about your brand’s offerings. However, do remember to ask for permission before sharing content generated by others.


In a nutshell, Instagram reels offers a range of possibilities for content creation. From education to branding, Instagram reels can help to establish your brand’s social media presence.

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