What is Kobe Influencer Marketing Platform?

We help you get discovered through Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms by getting others to share about you – that’s what Kobe (口碑), “Word of Mouth” is about.

92% of people trust recommendations from friends and families over advertisements.

  • Wide Coverage: We’ve got over 4,500 influencers on Kobe (口碑)’s international PCT patent technology who can deliver an impact of up to 30M in Asia.
  • Customized & Effective: Because we are an A.I.-driven platform, we charge zero management fees or content creation costs for highly relevant and tailored content that you get to approve and curate.
  • 100% Outcome Driven: We only start when you agree with the campaign KPI, and will only stop if the campaign KPI is achieved.

Contact us now: +65 6255 5662 or contact@getkobe.com

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75% of Marketers are using Influencer Marketing

increase, brand

Increase brand market share by 10%

Generate 3x more word-of-mouth messages

Increase consumer conversation by 3 to 10 times!

Generates $6.50 per $1 invested in Influencer Marketing

Contact us now: +65 6255 5662 or contact@getkobe.com


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizen can change the world 

– Margaret Mead

Kobe is an AI Driven Influencer Platform

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Contact us now: +65 6255 5662 or contact@getkobe.com

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