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Kobe Influencer Marketing Platform

We help you get discovered through Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms by getting others to share about you – that’s what Kobe (口碑), “Word of Mouth” is about. 

92% of people trust recommendations from friends and families over advertisements.

  • Wide Coverage: We’ve got over 5,000 influencers on Kobe (口碑)’s international PCT patent technology who can deliver an impact of up to 45M in Asia.
  • Customized & Effective: Because we are an A.I.-driven platform, we charge zero management fees or content creation costs for highly relevant and tailored content that you get to approve and curate.
  • 100% Outcome Driven: We only start when you agree with the campaign KPI, and will only stop if the campaign KPI is achieved.

Internet Is Used To...

Find Online Inspiration

influencer marketing


Look For Product Reviews

Influencer Marketing


Compare Choices


Look For Product Information

influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing Can

influencer marketing platform

Increase brand market share by 10%


Generate 3x more word-of-mouth messages

influencer marketing platform

Increase consumer conversation by 3 to 10 times!

On average, business generates $6.50 per $1 invested in Influencer Marketing.

Kobe - A.I Driven Influencer Platform

influencer marketing platform

Connecting you to the most relevant and suitable influencer…


Pyramid Of Influence

influencer marketing platform

Transform Marketing With Impactful Content


influencer marketing platform



5,208 Everyday Influencers to connect family and friends, stimulate confidence and condition for action.


Our international PCT patent Artificial Intelligence technology analyses millions of unique data points, making it possible for us to recommend ideal influencers for each campaign.

[Young Parents] [Home Owners[National Service Personnel] [Sensitive Skin Individuals] [Stay at Home Moms] [Pet Lovers]

You name it… We got it!

kobe a.i influencer marketing




Through our technology, we can forecast content performance and deliver KPI-driven campaigns with weekly tracking reports.

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