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Influencer marketing steps

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Influencer Marketing 2018

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Develop your influencer marketing strategy with our influencer marketing steps for top influencer marketing platform Instagram. A relationship and content-focused approach to influencer marketing makes it a dynamic, responsive and proactive asset that grows in momentum and value over time.

Developing relationships with content

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In a marketing context, to able to influence, you need to first develop relationships.

Influencer marketing involves a form of partnership. Usually a transaction of money for the creation of post and caption, but thats not what wins consumers hearts and minds.

Co-relation of content making

Companies that approach influencer marketing with relationships in mind, will use co-creation of content to build those relationships. Therefore, the stronger the relationships, better content and more active influencer involvement in collaboration and promotion. That means allocating time to understand influencers and extent content and social media plans to friendships. 

Type of Influence

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The most noteworthy is that influence is not limited to one type of person and brands. Anyone can greatly benefit if they expand their view to include a mix of influencers. Beyond influencers are the media, customers, potential customers and other stakeholders. 

Co-creation partnership

Without content there is no communication and no influence.

A brand collaboration with influencers require both to invest something meaningful into the project and that often brings inspirations. Results will be amazing if a brand is able to inspire a group of influencers to partner up. Due to the high value content and promotion of it, the success is highly guaranteed.

Hence, brands need to find a way to make influencers care about the content and the project’s success.

In conclusion, if they don’t care, they won’t share.

Drive measurable business goals:

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Benchmarks and goals are essential for any marketing program, hence, the same goes for influencer marketing strategy. We compare influencer collaborations to measurable influencer marketing steps ROI.

Mapping influencer marketing strategy to business goals is especially important with influencer marketing because the value extends beyond marketing to other areas.