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Use Influencer Marketing Instagram Correctly to Fully Utilise Instagram

By January 20, 2019January 3rd, 2021No Comments

Influencer Marketing 2019 is here.

Influencer marketing singapore: About influencer marketing 2019 on influencer marketing instagram is that changes are bound to happen. If you’re looking for one of the best ways to engage and interact with followers, consider making Instagram an integral part of your digital marketing plan. Besides the fact that Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users, it’s gotta be the most popular option. But how do you get a slice of the pie?


Define and Identify Influencers

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Influencers who are attracted to your brand are bound to find your site. This step is important, yet the most tedious. It is important for you to focus on identifying the right people before moving on to the next steps.

How much to pay Influencers?

It’s important for digital marketers to recognize that it takes work on both ends to build a loyal following on influencer marketing instagram. Make sure that it’s worth money on both your end and their end. Influencer marketing instagram payment agreements can take on many forms depending on the size of their following and the estimated amount of work required for the project. Hence, work out a mutually agreeable compensation agreement and put it in writing. 

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Partnership and Co-Create

Be aware that the brand you’re partnering with created a marketing style that drew their followers. Give some space, don’t try to micromanage the entire process.

How to be authentic and credible?

Use their products and get familiar with them. Hence, you can promote them and give constructive reviews. Such content is valuable to your followers. Deadlines and timeframes are important too. This is so that expectations are upfront and clear.

Legalities and Guidelines on influencer marketing instagram

It may be helpful for both parties to have a written agreement that allows the influencer to retain content ownership. The Federal Trade Commission has some regulations for sponsored social media ads. Be sure to follow the guidelines and ensure that your influencers know and understand them as well.

Influencer marketing 2019: in conclusion

Be sure to share in the experience of creating a successful campaign together. Mutually express the results on both sides is extremely important. After the influencer marketing singapore campaign, you may want to discuss areas where each of you can improve if you want to work again.