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Over the past few months, we have touched on many influencer categories – from fashion influencers to food influencers and the list goes on. Today, we will continue to talk about influencers, but with a twist.

Instead of the traditional lifestyle influencers, we will touch on influencers who have an area of expertise in the medical world. These are 6 blogs run by individuals that have generously shared their medical knowledge with the internet.

Singapore health influencers #1. A Doc’s Life

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Firstly, we have A Doc’s Life. A Doc’s Life is a blog run by Dr Og, a doctor from Singapore that enjoys sharing his everyday life which includes his experience of working in a public hospital.

If you are looking for a humorous medical blog, this is the place you would go to. Dr Og often writes in simple English, with occasional appearances of Singlish as you might have noticed in his website’s header.

Unlike the other medical blogs who focus on imparting medical information, Dr Og’s content is rather unique as it focuses on conveying his personal experiences. Therefore, if you prefer the authentic and personal style he takes, do check out his blog.

Singapore health influencers #2. MIPHIDIC

Secondly, we have MIPHIDIC, which is a blog that is run by Dr Li Yang Hsu. Dr Li is well known for his wealth of experience. He is currently the Programme leader of the Infectious Diseases Programme and also holds the role of Associate Director of the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE).

His blog might be a good read especially in the context of the global pandemic. Dr Li’s expertise can be clearly seen in the range of content he uploads. From write-ups about the Zika virus to the MERS-CoV, he shares his medical knowledge on the internet.

To add on, another highlight of his blog would be the Clinical Vignettes section, where he shares some interesting cases he has seen in his years of medical practice. Not all of us are doctors, but with blogs like his, we are all able to get a glimpse of the interesting things that happen in the medical world.

Another fun fact about Dr Li would be that he used to play chess competitively in his youth. Although he claims that chess is now a recreational hobby. From the analytical way he writes, it is no surprise that his hobbies include chess.

Singapore health influencers #3. Dr Tan and Partners

Thirdly, we have Dr Tan and Partners, which is a blog that is run by a group of doctors who work for Dr Tan And Partner.

Like many other blogs run by clinics, this blog shares a range of medical information. For instance, categories on the blog include women health, men health and even allergies.

To add on, something unique about this particular blog would be that it also touches on sexual health-related content.

Singapore health influencers #4. Winnie the Pooh’s Medicine Pot

Fourthly, we have Winnie the Pooh’s Medicine Pot. This blog is run by Dr Gerald Tan, who is a radiologist. As you might be able to tell from its name, this blog’s design is largely centred around Winnie the Pooh. With cute backgrounds and interesting post titles, Winnie the Pooh’s Medicine Pot is certainly an interesting blog.

Apart from medical-related content, Dr Gerald also shares about his student life in NUS school of medicine. Therefore, if you are an aspiring doctor, or you are simply interested to know about the life of medical school students, do check out his blog.

Singapore health influencers #5. What’s Cooking Doc?

Next up, we have What’s Cooking Doc, which is a website by Dr Chan Tat Hon. Apart from the upkeep of his blog, Dr Chan also runs a medical clinic and a YouTube channel.

He is known by his patients to be the Habits Doctor due to his firm belief that lifestyle/dietary changes are crucial to prevent and combat diseases such as diabetes and more.

You might wonder why his website is called What’s Cooking Doc. Well, apart from his medical experience he also had a 5-year stint as a full-time chef in a restaurant.

His blog is dedicated to his wealth of experience as a medical practitioner as well as in the F&B industry. His expertise in health and lifestyle has also been recognised by the general public. This can be seen as he has been invited to guest on various TV shows to share his knowledge of lifestyle improvements to prevent the onset of lifestyle-related diseases.

Therefore, if you are interested in the quest for a healthier lifestyle do visit his blog, YouTube channel or Facebook page for more information.

Singapore health influencers #6. DoctorxDentist

Lastly, we have DoctorxDentist. DoctorxDentist is a website that specialises in medical content for Singaporeans.

Unlike the other blogs on the list, this website was not set up by a single doctor. Instead, it is an unaffiliated platform for both doctors and dentists to share medical information and experiences online.

There are many services that users could tap into. For instance, there is a “Find A Doctor” function. This function allows users to find a doctor based on things like their condition and the region they are situated in.

There is also a free “Ask” section that allows users to ask a doctor or dentists questions they might have.


In these unprecedented times of a pandemic, we are lucky that we live in this age. An age where a plethora of medical information is available online. It has never been more important to take good care of our health. To do so, the first step would be to collect accurate information about the steps we can take to protect ourselves.

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