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Marketing Parents influencers

Sure, I get it.

If you are a small business looking for someone to help you promote your product,

taking the first step in approaching a social media influencer can be somewhat intimidating.

As you know, one of the most influential groups is none other than Parent influencers.

Through their personal social media channels –

these parents influencers share everything from parenting hacks to recipes, to information on their holy grail products.

As a result, a strong community often emerges that’s a treasure trove for businesses whose market evolves young families.

Now the real question is, how can your business leverage from such communities?

Here are a few tips to help your business make the most of the parents influencers community:

#1 Understanding Sub-groups
Image result for Malaque Mahdaly


Malaque Mahdaly – one of SG’s favourite parent influencer with her cute little daughter, Selma Malika

One of the things that’s important for advertisers to understand is the differences among parenting groups.

Paying attention to other consumer groups that might be overlapping with the parenting sphere if fairly important.

It is safe to say that nearly 53% of parents in this era are millennials.

You can read up on the statistics here.

While Millennials, respond more to emotional advertising and products that enhance their well-being.

It is also said that parents are willing and able to work with brands –

To raise awareness, test and review products and generate sales leads.

#2 Relate to their Parent Lifestyle
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Another effective way for you marketers to reach out to these parents is by promoting a cause that’s very dear to parents’ hearts while being relevant to the advertised product.

For it to be successful,

you must ensure the campaigns make sense for the selected influencer and that they are a natural fit with their existing content.

I couldn’t stress this enough –

Always do your research before connecting with these parent influencers who have a sense of vulnerability towards your brand.

Irrelevant pitches will be immediately discarded and destroy potential future outreach.

#3 Craft a personalised Pitch

Your approach should not be similar to the one you’d use to pitch any other media outlet.

Your pitch should be personalized connect directly to the influencer’s audience and to your brand.

Show the influencer that you’ve read her content and respect it will be far more powerful than just sending a canned email stating that you’d like to be mentioned.

Occasionally, it may benefit the marketers to approach the influencer with the concept of a partnership,

offering to feature them on your own website and social media outlets in exchange for helping you achieve your desired promotional goals.

#4 Free Samples
Related image

Brands generally have tremendous success in approaching parents influencers with free products in exchange for an honest review.

Let me focus the keyword here – honest.

Markets must not only be prepared for the influencers to express negativity in their post about your brand but also be open to constructive criticism.

There there, I know you’ll probably go Alamak by now, but fret not –

Majority of these parents influencers are fair in their reviews.

As researcher says,

honest reviews covert much higher than reviews that simply serve as an advertisement for a brand.

Quick tip –

Take note of the influencers who respond favourably to your product for consideration when you have new product launches in the future.

Since you already have an established relationship, you may already found an influencer who is willing to work with you on all your future promotions.


To conclude,

At the end of the day, they would want to support companies that have the same values that they do.

With diligent research, you will definitely find an influencer with the ideal readership for your brand.

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