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TikTok is among the most commonly used social media platforms that Malaysians use. Hence, it is the best friend every brand and marketer should make to optimise their campaign. By launching ads using this platform, you are able to reach the millions of Malaysians using it.

Without further ado, to help you in achieving an effective marketing campaign, we have curated the top 5 TikTok influencers that you should keep your eyes out for in Malaysia.

Malaysian TikTokers #1: Angel Lowee – 10.5M followers

Malaysian TikTokers 1

With her fit and girl-next-door look, it is no wonder why she is so popular on TikTok. Known for her lifestyle, fitness, and dance content, Angel Lowee is a fitness influencer who enjoys sharing workout tips and dance videos with her followers. She is also known for her lavish lifestyle, sharing posts regarding some of her latest travel adventures, beauty products, as well as fashion brands. She is also active on Instagram, having more than 480K followers.

Malaysian TikTokers #2: Roshan Jeet – 7.8M followers

Malaysian TikTokers 2

His wit and creativity are what make Roshan Jeet such a famous influencer on TikTok. The Malaysian TikToker is known for his parody and commentary videos. His connection and interaction with his followers are what make him stand out from the rest of this list. He occasionally posts Q&As to get ideas from his followers for his next video. Besides TikTok, he shares snippets into his personal life on his Instagram, gathering around 64.5K followers.

Malaysian TikTokers #3: Alvin Chong – 1.9M followers

Malaysian TikTokers 3

If you are from Malaysia, you definitely would have heard of Alvin Chong. He is known for his acting and singing abilities. With over 1.9M followers, Alvin’s TikTok feed is filled with lip-synching, dance challenges, comedic duets, and various video transition trends. He even connects with his Malay-speaking community with his fluently spoken Malay content. On top of TikTok, Alvin is active on Instagram, with two accounts, one having 1.3M followers and the other having 2,858 followers.

Malaysian TikTokers #4: Erissa Puteri Hashim – 1.4M followers

Malaysian TikTokers 4

Erissa Puteri Hashim was made famous in a National talent competition back in 2014 called Ceria Popstar. Now she is a social media influencer on TikTok and Instagram. She typically shares mostly lifestyle videos with a mix of dancing challenges. Occasionally, she will throw some product reviews and music content into the mix. Besides her influencer career, she is also an accomplished model, host, and actress. She currently has more than 710K followers on her Instagram, a testament to her rising popularity, and she is only 20 years old!

Malaysian TikTokers #5: Wincy Chua – 1.4M followers

Malaysian TikTokers 5

Wincy Chua is a fashion and beauty influencer on TikTok. Her feed is typically filled with makeup transformation, fashion hauls, dance, and travel. She has partnered with big brands, such as Pepsi, Centella, and Rexona, proving her popularity not only with her followers but also with various brands. On her Instagram, with 90.9K followers, you can find more personal snippets into her life.


There are many other Malaysian influencers apart from the five on our list. However, these five Malaysian influencers are certainly worth checking out on the platform as they have proved to be great at content creation.