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TikTok has taken over the world ever since the app was released, including in Indonesia. Many Indonesian KOLs and content creators became overnight Internet sensations on TikTok. With that being said, it is now considered to be one of the most effective applications for influencer marketing in Indonesia.

No matter what industry niche you are looking into, here are 5 of the best Indonesian TikTokers that you should keep your eyes on.

Indonesian TikTokers #1: Ria Ricis – 40M followers

Indonesian TikTokers 1

Born in Batam, Ria Ricis is Indonesia’s Internet personality and actress. In fact, with over 35M subscribers on YouTube, she is the top female YouTuber in Southeast Asia. On top of being a content creator, she has also written several books which achieved “bestseller” status across the nation. Her TikTok feed is mostly filled with short videos of her daughter as well as some comedic and lifestyle ones. Apart from TikTok, she is highly active on YouTube, where she first started off, as well as Instagram, where she has gathered 34.5M followers.

Indonesian TikTokers #2: Cahya Niyrn – 19.5M followers

Indonesian TikTokers 2Known for her impeccable taste in fashion, Cahya Niyrn is known by her fans as one who can rock any clothing design seamlessly. From classic chic to Billie Eilish-inspired, she has got the style game on point. Besides fashion and skincare-related posts, it seems that she has moved on to more lifestyle and couple-related ones on her TikTok page.

Indonesian TikTokers #3: Notnot – 16.7M followers

Indonesian TikTokers 3

Born in Bandung, West Java, Nonot is a social media personality, TikTok influencer, actress, and gamer. She is known for her gaming content, playing games such as Call of Duty, Mobile Legends, and PUBG Mobile. On TikTok, she mainly posts videos that offer insights into her life, from travel and trend challenges to family and comedy. Apart from TikTok, Nonot is also active on Instagram and YouTube, garnering about 3.4M followers and 2.19M subscribers, respectively.

Indonesian TikTokers #4: Atta Halilintar – 15.7M followers

Indonesian TikTokers 4

Atta Halilintar is a multi-talented individual who is a businessman, singer, actor, social media influencer, content creator, and YouTuber. With over 30.4M subscribers on YouTube, he became the first YouTuber in South East Asia to receive the Diamond Play Button. On TikTok, he is known for posting videos related to music as well as snippets about his lifestyle, such as family. Apart from TikTok, he posts regularly on YouTube and Instagram, with both social media platforms having more than 30M followers.

Indonesian TikTokers #5: Sandys – 15.1M followers

Indonesian TikTokers 5

Sandys (real name: Sandi Saputra) is a musical artist and TikTok influencer from Medan. Originally known for his amazing lip-sync and dance videos, he has since moved on to a more lifestyle theme, with many featuring his wife, especially since he just got married in July 2023. Apart from TikTok, he also posts frequently on his Instagram, offering his 3.8M followers a snippet into his personal life.


If we were to create a list of Indonesian influencers, this list would probably be never-ending. After all, there are just that many influencers out there creating great content on TikTok. That being said, we think that today’s short introduction of these 5 Indonesian TikTokers is a good place to start when searching for great content on TikTok.