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Termed as the ‘Art World’s Rising Star’ by the New York Times, fashion photography has been slowly but surely gaining recognition across the globe. Whether you enjoy taking OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures or enjoy looking at fashion photography, this article will be of concern for all fashion lovers out there.

The plethora of fashion photography on social media has made these platforms enjoyable for users who seek fashion inspiration. However, how do we emulate such aesthetically pleasing pictures? Read on to find out some handy tips you could use for Instagram fashion photography.

7 Top fashion photography tips | Instagram Fashion photography

Fashion photography tips: #1 The rule of thirds

source: expert photography


Do not be scared away by the word ‘rule’. In actual fact, the rule of thirds is actually an easy concept to understand. It is a simple guideline that helps you with placement of objects in your pictures.

It works like this. A photographer divides the frame into nine squares of equal sizes. These squares then act as a guide for the placement of photo subjects. Simply place the subject at any point where the lines interact.

The best part about this guideline is that many camera devices (including phones!) come with the function of providing grids for easy maneuvering when photo taking. For Iphone users, simply click on settings, then camera, then switch on the ‘grid’ function.

Once the grid function is activated, adjust the subject(s) such that it is in line with the intersection of the grids.

Whether you are modeling an outfit, or photographing a flatlay of your outfit, this tip can help you ace your Instagram fashion photography game!

Fashion photography tips: #2. The centre works too

This might seem confusing after reading the first tip. However, both tips are equally valid depending on your personal preference.

This is because placing the subject at the centre of the picture has its benefits too. The first being the ability to capture attention. As expertphotography states ‘Since your main point of interest is already in the middle, the viewer will see it immediately.’

Therefore, this explains the main full body OOTDs you see on Instagram fashion photography.

Fashion photography tips: #3. Narrate your pictures

No, we are not asking you to do voice overs. Instead build a story behind the picture. This might sound complicated but in fact requires little effort.

While there is nothing wrong with taking your Instagram fashion photography pictures against a plain white background, there are other ways to go about it.

For example, when taking you are out taking OOTD pictures, you can try posing with the greenery around you, or local cafes as your background. By doing so, you effectively convert a static picture to one that has a story behind it.

Your OOTD in a cafe painting a picture of a fun day out with friends, the greenery that peeks out in the corner of your picture painting an experience with mother nature.

Some might question the need for other objects. After all isn’t the main focal point of the picture of fashion? However, these seemingly useless objects often provide clues about the behind the scenes of the picture.

In a way, it compels others to look at the narrative a picture is trying to tell.

To add on, the best thing about Instagram fashion photography is that there are captions to aid this story telling. While the picture alone plays a huge part, captions can help you tie the story together.

Whether it is a simple emoji, or a paragraph detailing your day spent, these would add depth to your Instagram fashion photography shot. Therefore do remember to use always elaborate on your photos!

Fashion photography tips: #4. Props

Props can not only help build the story behind a picture (tip #3), they can also add depth to a picture.

This is especially true for pictures that look less interesting. Props can be a good way to liven a fashion photography shoot. You can be as creative as you want with props. If you shooting in the pool your prop can be as simple of a few floats, or a drink in your hand. The point is to make use of the things around you to embellish your pictures.

Fashion photography tips: #5. Know your angles well

While there is no golden rule about the absolutely right angle to shoot from, there are things you can consider to decide your the camera angle.

Firstly, take into consideration if you are shooting an outfit/accessories by itself or a person modeling these items. If the sole subject of the picture is the fashion apparel, you can consider arranging your items in a flat lay and shooting from the top.

If there is someone modeling, you would most likely shoot with your device facing the person. When shooting, try positioning your camera both near the ground and further away from the ground.

Shooting pictures from the ground places the attention on the model itself, as this angle results in the model occupying more space in the photo. Therefore, this emphasizes the outfit they are wearing.

To add on, the closer your camera is to the ground, the closer it will be to the bottom half of the model’s outfit. This angles makes it ideal for Instagram fashion photography that wants the focal point of the picture to be on the lower half of the outfit. For example if you are wearing the new cargo pants you really like, you can consider this angle.

On the other hand, you can shoot from a higher angle if you want the focus to be on the entire outfit.

Fashion photography tips: #6. Highlight the Fashion

Instagram Fashion photography

As the name Instagram fashion photography suggests, the ultimate point of it is on the fashion.
However, how do we do this?

The rule that to stick to is to prioritize the outfit. Firstly, think about how you want to present the outfit, only then should you consider other factors like background.

If you want to showcase a pink outfit, pick a background that would bring out the brightness of the outfit. Instead of choosing a background that just looks aesthetically pleasing, choose one that goes well with your outfit.

To add on, ensure that the details of an outfit can be seen in picture. To do so, just ensure that the model poses in a way that does not block any important part of the outfit.

Fashion photography tips: #7. Work with the outfit

Fashion photography tips

You might have heard of the common saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. This is exceptionally accurate in the world of Instagram fashion photography.

Apart from the obvious of bringing out the colour, cut and shape of the outfit, there are other details you can showcase to up your Instagram fashion photography game.

To set your pictures from others, work with your outfit to bring out the texture of the outfit. This tip is especially useful for long flowy dresses.

You do not always have to stationary in pictures. A few spins, a small jump, or just simply letting the breeze caress your outfit can help emphasize its texture.


We hope you enjoyed and found these Instagram fashion photography tips helpful. However, do keep in mind that you can always try out new methods for fashion photography. After all it is a medium for self expression. Therefore feel free to explore with your creativity.

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