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How To Save Time With Influencer Marketing Content Creation

By December 2, 2018July 5th, 2024No Comments

What is influencer content marketing?

Social media influencer marketing: learn with influencer content examples targeted at effective influencer content building. We all know that content is the backbone of successful marketing. We’ve heard it time and time again, but what does ‘content’ really mean?

Whether you’re using it online or physical influencer content marketing such as a poster, flyer, or magazine; they are all representing your brand. 

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What do we mean by Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all of the on/offline influencer content that you create for you customers. Influencer content examples could include weekly blog, newsletter, ebooks, books, graphics, images, social posts, etc. Every time you speak to a customer, greet them, thank them, ask them a question, you’re communicating with them in just the same way as you should be creating content.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations.

Especially if this is the first time you’re trying to work like this! If you give yourself massive goals, chances are you will fall short and give up. If you’re realistic about what you’re going to do on your first outing with this, then you’re more likely to succeed and far more likely to do it again. The more you do it, the more efficient you will become at it!

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Mark out key dates

Influencer Content examples should include:

  1. Your launches / shows / key dates for your business
  2. Key events relevant to your core audience,
  3. Seasonal changes / events (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

Mapping- Influencer Content Examples

Now you have your planner out and you can see the key dates coming up it’s time to build your content topics to lead up to those events.

Brainstorm for social media influencer marketing


assorted notepadsTo generate influencer content examples, you can:

  1. Produce content to attract your audience to interact with you 
  2. Relationship / trust building content
  3. Promotional content 

Don’t forget that for your posts for social media influencer marketing should still be working on a mixture of curated and created content. Which means you don’t need an image for every day. We tend to do 3 of our own posts per week on Facebook, 5–7 on Instagram, and a blog on Google+/Medium. Upload the images to your scheduler or folder, depending on which scheduler you use. 

Your content marketing for an entire month done, in less than a work day. Each time you do this it gets easier and quicker. It’s a process that becomes embedded in your business and works by buzzing away in the background while you get on with the day job. It frees up your time so that you can focus on engaging with your key customer on social media, rather than worrying about what to post next!