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How Effective Is Influencer Marketing in 2018?

By January 27, 2019July 5th, 2024No Comments

Goodbye Influencer Marketing 2018

How true is influencer marketing effectiveness based on these influencer marketing facts for influencer marketing 2018? Here, let’s breakdown the channel/ platform. Whether it’s offline or online, the founding principles of honesty and transparency should remain the same. This brings us to the next point…

Growing desire for authenticity

Where celebrity endorsement was the inspiration of the past, today the ordinary person is being empowered as effective influencers of consumer purchase.

With access to simple techniques and tools, anyone can now broadcast from their bedroom and gain a significant following and have an impact on industry. What’s more, the statistics show this is only going to increase.

High-profile brands now realise that influencers need to be an integral part of their marketing strategy, especially for younger consumers. As Panasonic said, “Influencer marketing in 2018 will become an integral part of a brand’s marketing mission.”

Is the key to influencer marketing success authenticity and passion?

There is an ongoing debate in industry about the future of influencer marketing or the death of influencers. Are influencers bored with the mainstream marketing adopting their tactics? Is influencer marketing considered a real job without the fun? Are some now struggling to keep up with the technology as competition grows for enormous subscriber numbers?

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Do customers remember influencers first or brands?

Interestingly, Trust is a fundamental element in all marketing. People tend to remember the influencer over the product. Hence, consumers are connecting to the influencer first and the brand second. That is why influencer marketing 2018 was so successful. If you haven’t, maybe you should start looking into the spontaneous recall of collaborations in 2019.


in conclusion, trust is a fundamental element in all marketing based on many influencer marketing facts. Influencer marketing effectiveness has proven itself to be powerful in 2018, but what’s to come for 2019?