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Finding Bloggers In Asia

By October 3, 2017July 5th, 2024No Comments

Bloggers in Asia

Bloggers? New Hypes for Creativity.

bloggersBlogging is now one of the ways to fully maximize the power of marketing. Bloggers are found around the world. There are trustworthy bloggers in Asia when it comes to blog marketing. On the other hand, an influencer is also a big help in the marketing concept because he or she is the one who proves that the product or service is effective and is worthy of your money.

Countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, China, and Korea are some of the Asian countries that are having big boosts in their businesses and thus, they give much attention to marketing in order to promote their products and services successfully. Because of this, these countries tend to look for bloggers in asia which will help them in enhancing their way on advertising their businesses, especially in the online market.

Blogger and Influencer: The Difference between the Two

Even though they are similar in context that they are content creators, they possess different qualities from each other.

An influencer is someone who makes an impact on the audience by providing opinions which can persuade the audience. Mostly, an influencer is found on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Influencers can also be recognized in different forms. These people can be celebrities or prominent people who have tried or were satisfied with the results. As such, they bring it up to social media and become advocates of these products. They leverage on the millions of their followers to help influence the buying decision of the audience.

Even though there are influencers who uses blogs as their platform, they are different from bloggers. There are several blog marketing company that can be found today in Asia which can help Asian countries to have a successful social media marketing blog. Hence, bloggers are known to have their own website where they post their own made contents. Bloggers can also make money out of blogging. They also make use of social but for communication purposes only in order to inform their readers that a new update is up on their website.

An influencer and blogger may have the same line of work but they perform marketing differently.

How to Find Bloggers in Asia?

Asia is a big continent and is composed of several countries and finding bloggers in Asia is a difficult task. One way is to contact them personally through emails. Sending them a personal email and showing your interest to them may persuade them but make sure that you have read their blogs before contacting them.

In addition, when sending emails, never send them in bulk. Bloggers may not like it and may not agree to what you want. Only send an email to the blogger you know that can work within what you are looking for. And, you should also do the searching. Don’t just entrust everything to your people especially with interns. They may be a good help to your company but if you wish to win the Yes of bloggers in asia, let a professional handle it or you can do it also.

Finding bloggers in Asia is not easy feat. However, if you know what kind of blogger you are looking for, there will certainly be ways to make it happen!