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5 Influencer Marketing Strategies & Trends To Note In 2023It is undeniable that influencer marketing strategies are constantly evolving, with trends coming and going. However, some are worth putting your foot on if it means being able to build a robust online presence for your brand by working with the right social influencers in Singapore.

With more brands investing a minimum of 30 per cent of their campaign budget in influencer and KOL marketing, more customers are able to discover new products and brands through social media efficiently these days. Such information is easily accessed through watching or reading product unboxing, reviews, and tutorials.

While it is still slightly more than a month into the end of 2022, it does not hurt to be aware of influencer and KOL marketing strategies and trends that you might want to hop on in 2023.

Achieving maximum relevance through creating hyper-specific posts

More social media influencers these days are becoming hyper-niche, focusing on one area. Hence, in order to stay relevant to the changing social spheres, brands need to consider producing products or services relatable to such a niche. Back in those days, there were only fashion social influencers.

Nowadays, there are wide varieties of fashion influencers, such as sustainable fashion influencers and thrift fashion influencers. Fashion brands can still work with hyper-niche fashion influencers. One way to do this is to allow the influencer to style and wear any of the brand’s clothes in several different ways. This kind of marketing campaign encourages their followers to:

  • Buy high-quality clothes so they can wear them many times for a long time.
  • Mix-and-match various styles to create a fresh look so they will not have to buy new clothes every single time.

Pushing cause-related marketing

Brands have been running cause-related marketing campaigns for a while. Such a marketing tactic allows them to boost their brand while promoting a good cause and raising funds for a not-for-profit organisation. We see that trend continuing into 2023 as more consumers prefer brands that also address environmental and social issues.

Leveraging one-click purchases

As mentioned earlier, social media platforms, such as Instagram, have been an increasingly popular place for consumers to discover new brands and products. And we see this trend continuing as more consumers are purchasing products straight from such platforms. They are not limited to purchasing items from a traditional online or physical store.

One-click purchases or shoppable posts enable brands to be able to expand their marketing reach through influencers. Instagram, especially, has a feature called Shopping from Creators, which allows influencers to tag a product they are using in their social media posts. Tapping on the tag brings their followers straight to your online store.

Repurposing influencer-generated content

Long gone are the days when repurposing of contents was an afterthought. Moving forward in 2023, optimising and maximising influencer-generated posts should be part of your influencer marketing campaign strategy.

Content repurposing enables content repositories. By reposting influencer-generated content on your brand’s social media pages, you can use it as online advertisements or create a testimonial gallery on your web pages. What is so great about such a strategy is that you do not have to spend extra money and time to produce them. Influencer-generated content is ideal for driving genuine and authentic reviews, which can be used as proof of the benefits your brand has on consumers.

Using nano influencers to go viral

Building a solid relationship with nano influencers is a trend we see happening. That is because they are best at representing your target customers, driving engagements, and building a loyal community. Nano influencers, as opposed to celebrities, are more trusted. These are everyday people who will only promote products they believe in and use daily. Therefore, most of their followers trust what they say. Rather than being an endorsement, nano influencers’ posts are authentic recommendations.

Another reason to work with nano influencers is their ability to build brand awareness at immense speed and scale. There are several influencer tiers: Nano, Micro, Macro, and Mega, with nano being the smallest. You could achieve similar results at a much faster rate and a broader scale with the same marketing campaign budget if you were to work with 50 nano influencers as compared to two or three macro influencers.

The more influencers you work with, the more talk they will generate for your brand, and the faster your brand will be able to build a community of loyal customers that will buy your products. One of the key reasons people purchase products is because their favourite social media influencer recommended them.


Influencer and KOL marketing will remain a powerful campaign tool in 2023 and beyond. If you have not incorporated such a tool into your marketing campaign, 2023 might be a good year to do so. We at Kobe want to help you with that. We have worked with many global influencers over the years, knowing what works well for different marketing needs. To get professional advice and solution, visit to get started today!