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5 considerations before you execute influencer marketing instagram strategy

By January 6, 2019October 31st, 2019No Comments

Which Influencer Marketing Platform?

Influencer marketing companies work on influencer marketing platform, especially influencer marketing instagram to gain exposure and consumers trust. You should not rush into influencer marketing without planning.  This is particularly the case if you are envisaging paying influencers for their services.

Influencer marketing instagram can take up considerable time, so you want to ensure that you are using your time in the most effective manner. It makes sense for you to first map out an influencer marketing strategy.

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Set Objectives

Before you can create an influencer marketing strategy you first need to determine what you are trying to achieve. Your aim may be something small like gaining a set number of extra visitors to your website, with them signing up for a newsletter. Alternatively, you might choose to engage in influencer marketing with the aim of increasing sales of a particular product by a certain percentage. It is impossible for you to measure whether a campaign is successful or not if you haven’t set any objectives. The measurement of your ROI at the end of the campaign depends on how you have performed in relation to your initial objective.

Define Your Target Audience

For any influencer campaign to be successful you first need to know who you are trying to influence. It helps to be specific. The tighter you can define your target audience, the easier it is to find influencers who are relevant.

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Do not try to target everybody

The worst kind of answer is to try and target everybody. Even producers of everyday commodity products, such as bread and toilet paper, try to differentiate their marketing. That is why they create ranges, focusing on different niches, e.g. a range targeting people who favor quality, versus a range for the budget conscious.

Find and filter suitable Influencers

For years businesses created advertisements promoting their products. But the problem is that people can now see right through ads. An advertisement for a dysfunctional product is likely to still promote it as being good for the consumer. The reason that businesses undertake influencer marketing is to widen the reach of content relating to their product or service.

Consumers trust influencers’ recommendations.

Influencer marketing platform provide the trust and authenticity that are necessary for consumers to believe in a product enough to take a risk on buying it. This is the true value of influencer marketing.

Work with Influencers for Opportunities

Your influencers can help you shape your content strategy by showing you what most engages your target audience. By allowing your influencers to share your content you can better spot trends and opportunities. They can also help to guide you about what your target audience wants.

Listen to your influencers actively.

The influencers know these people very well. They understand the types of content that work – and the types that your audience don’t care about. They can also guide you to areas where there are gaps, waiting for you to create content where there is a demand. The influencers know your audience’s worries and concerns, and they know the types of questions your audience often ask.

Collaborate With influencers to Produce Quality Content

Influencer marketing instagram communicate with their followers it is to inform, entertain, educate or inspire them. Thus for influencer marketing to work, the content must also be informative, entertaining or educational.

If you haven’t yet built up influencer marketing platform relationships, you may kickstart this process, by curating high-quality pieces of your influencers’ content, sharing it with your followers.