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With an astonishing 2.38 billion number of active users on Facebook, this social media platform has shot to fame in a span of 15 years. Due to its large user base, Facebook influencer marketing has also been steadily gaining popularity among marketers as of late.

Therefore, today’s article would like to introduce 6 features that can come in handy in your Facebook influencer marketing journey!

Facebook influencer marketing features

2019 Facebook guide feature #1: The Facebook business page

Facebook influencer marketing, 2019 facebook guide

source: Oberlo


With the popularity of Facebook, many brands have started their own Facebook page. There are several benefits to this Facebook feature. Firstly, it is a great way to market your products (which explains why many brands like to link their websites to their Facebook pages).

Secondly, it is an effortless way to do branding. Whether you want to come across as a high end brand, or a relatable consumer brand, what you post on your Facebook page shapes your brand’s identity.

Therefore, when you engage in Facebook influencer marketing, do not forget to show your Facebook page some love! You can either post influencer related content on your brand’s main Facebook page, or get your influencers to give a shout out to the page.

2019 Facebook guide feature #2: Facebook Contests

source: wolf gourmet

Rather than a feature, point #2 is more of a Facebook influencer marketing tip.

To spice things up, you can hold Facebook contest such as giveaways to build up your brand’s presence on Facebook.

Multiple Facebook influencer marketing campaigns have made use of Facebook contests to hype up reactions. One of them being Wolf Gourmet, a brand associated with kitchen appliances. They worked with Natasha Kravchuk, a famous food influencer to host a Wolf blender giveaway. Eventually, this help engaged Kravchuk’s followers made up of cooking enthusiasts.

This proves that Facebook contest can not only bring more traffic to your page, but can also help engage relevant consumers.

2019 Facebook guide feature #3: Promoted Posts

source: LYFE Marketing

Facebook’s promoted post option is a function that ensures your brand’s postings reach a certain number of Facebook users. For a flat rate each month, users can promote their postings to ensure their content is seen by more users on the internet.

This function can be useful for a Facebook influencer marketing campaign. This is because while influencer content can be impactful, its effectiveness depends on the number of people exposed to the said postings. Promoted post can help guarantee the reach of a Facebook influencer marketing campaign.

This is especially helpful since a normal postings might not necessarily reach all your followers due to the algorithms on Facebook. Your brand’s posting might not appear at the top of your followers news feed as Facebook displays posts according to the user’s ‘interest’.

Therefore, despite liking your Facebook page, followers might not always come across your brand’s content. Hence, explaining the need to leverage on promoted postings.

2019 Facebook guide feature #4: Carousel Ads

source: WordStream

Facebook’s carousel ads allows brands to post 10 images/videos with a single ad. Each image/video can be attached to an individual link.

With this new feature, you can level up your Facebook influencer marketing game. This is because carousel ads will open up more options for you to creatively convey a message to your intended audience.

Whether you want to tell a story, showcase multiple details about one product, or showcase multiple products from your brand, carousel ads are a great way to go about it.

The creative outlet carousel ads opens Facebook influencer marketing is certainly news for celebration!

2019 Facebook guide feature #5: Facebook Marketing Analytics


Many of you might be familiar with Google Analytics. Similarly, Facebook analytics is an equally power tool that provides statistics to aid your brand’s social media journey.

A Facebook influencer marketing campaign should come together with the use of Facebook analytics.

Facebook analytics can not only measure the effectiveness of your Facebook influencer marketing campaign (by monitoring your number of likes/followers/shares) it can also be very helpful in determining the success of a campaign.

This is because past Facebook analytics can give you crucial insights about your postings. Which postings are more well received and which postings have lacklustre performances. Facebook analytics can be used as a guide to better understand your direct consumers.

Therefore, when planning a Facebook influencer marketing campaign, do track your Facebook account to come up with content your followers enjoy.

2019 Facebook guide feature #6: Facebook Live

source: Neil Patel

Facebook has also caught onto the popularity of real time interaction between social media users, introducing their Facebook live in 2015.

For those of you that do not know what this feature is about, Facebook live is a life stream service (similar to Instagram live), that allows users to broadcast real time videos on their news feed. When the video is being shared online, followers then receive a notification informing them about the live stream.

Facebook Live allows viewers to leave comments, facilitating interaction between the person behind the screen and the viewer. This allows more immediate interaction between the user and the viewers.

Therefore, when engaging in Facebook influencer marketing do not forget to make use of this invaluable feature. You can get your influencers to appear on your Facebook life. To do so, you can designate your influencers as your Facebook page’s ‘live contributor’. This will give them the permission to go live on your page.

The benefits of doing so are numerous. Firstly, the ‘fan base’ of your influencers would be brought over to your brand’s page, helping in brand awareness. Secondly, Facebook live sessions such as vlogging, Q&As, and tutorials can be part of a company’s branding process.


To sum it up, the possibilities Facebook influencer marketing brings is endless. With its large numbers, multiple functions to aid businesses, Facebook influencer marketing certainly marks the start of a new era of marketing!

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