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Best Singaporean YouTube accounts


According to MediaOne, 4 out of 5 Singaporeans who are connected to the internet and conversant with social media platforms consider YouTube the best source of videos online. Therefore, today we look at some of our local talents that have established an online presence on this mega video sharing platform.



Firstly, we have Wah!Banana, one of the biggest local YouTube channels with a diverse range of content. Videos produced by Wah!Banana mostly belong to the comedic genre, which have allowed them to attain popularity among humor loving Singaporeans. Wah!Banana also has an affiliated channel, Wah!Banana Too, that specializes in gaming related video content. Wah!banana has also produced quite a number of local social media influencers, including Audrey Goh, Chrysan Lee to name a few.


Ryan Sylvia (NightOwlCinematics)

Secondly, we have Ryan Sylvia, another homegrown YouTube channel. They are known for their ‘Food King’ series, a guide to the best local food in town. This series is known for its honest and reliable food reviews, where popular eateries all over the island are put to the test. Ryan Sylvia also does skits, travel guides and vlogs. Their consistent effort in generating new and better content is perhaps the main reason for their success today, hitting 900,000 subscribers recently.


JianHao Tan

What started as a channel for 3 friends to upload comedic videos in 2010 is now one of Singapore’s biggest YouTube channels. With over 3 million subscribers, JianHao Tan is now an established channel with a strong local following. JianHao Tan’s channel is mostly focused on comedic skits, some famous ones include ‘16 types of students on picture day’ which has garnered 7.1 million views on YouTube in a span of a month. The channel’s entertaining videos are the reason why they deserve a spot on the ‘top YouTube channels 2019’ list.



Known for being a popular blogger in Singapore, Pei Shi’s presence on the internet is more than her blog posts. In recent years, she extended her sphere of influence on social media sites, YouTube being one of them. Her videos revolve around the topics of beauty, lifestyle, travel and food. Her ‘Get Ready With Me (GRWM)’ videos showcasing the process of her getting ready for an event are a cult favorite of many female Singaporeans. Along with her other videos (travel vlogs etc), they have helped her to harness a total of 135,476 subscribers with a combined video view of a whopping 10 million.


This Youtube influencer regularly uploads on her Youtube channel, with new videos up every Sunday. As a newly wed influencer, her past few videos follows her through the process of her marriage. From the proposal to her wedding skincare routine, she documents these moments through videos to share with her subscribers. With 70000 subscribers, she definitely is one of the top local beauty guruses on YouTube.


Brenda Tan

23 year old Brenda Tan is one of the up and coming names on YouTube. She mainly produces content related to fashion, makeup and lifestyle. Her bubbly and authentic personality has garnered a total of 43000 subscribers on YouTube. Having filmed videos as early as 2015, she is no newcomer on YouTube. You might have come across her ‘Apartment Tour’ video – one of her more popular videos on her channels. 120,740 people have viewed that video.  Her impeccable taste and unique style can be clearly seen through the way she furnishes the interior of her apartment.


Adlina Anis

Adlina Anis is the first hijab-wearing stylist for leading fashion magazines such as Prestige, August Men, and Harper’s Bazaar. As a professional fashion stylist, Ms Adlina Anis is the inspiration of many other fashion enthusiasts. It is no wonder her YouTube channel has garnered a total of 22922 subscribers. Her video content includes daily vlogs, fashion tips and tricks, fashion tutorials and more.



This is the channel for all foodies. From food reviews to food challenges, to diets, you get the gist — this channel is all about food. Recent videos include a review of everything in Singapore’s first Shake Shack at Changi Jewel. Their innovative videos (such as the eating mala for 72 hours challenge) has attracted our nation of food lovers, parachuting them to 19 million views in less than 3 years.

Goody feed TV

Another relatively new player in the world of Youtube channels that joined the YouTube arena in 2016. With the aim to produce informative and entertaining. There have certainly done that with their creative way of giving out advice in the form of highly engaging videos.


CNA (Channelnewsasia)

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Lastly, we have Channel News Asia. While most of you might associate it with television based content, the CNA YouTube channel is likewise very successful. With a total view count of 100 million and 200,000 subscribers, CNA has established a strong following on YouTube. From videos about daily news to documentaries and lifestyle videos, CNA’s YouTube’s channel has it all. 


With that, we have come to the end of our list of the 10 best YouTube accounts everyone should have their eyeballs on.


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