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Influencers are people who’ve built a good reputation online for their expertise and knowledge on a certain topic. They have the ability to shape and influence the perceptions and decisions of others. Tech influencers are individuals who use their credibility to boost their careers, promote themselves, and also inspire other people to engage with technology.

Tech influencers make regular posts about specific topics on their favorite social media networks and generate huge followings of enthusiastic and engaged individuals who pay close attention to most of their views. Brands employ tech influencers because they can build trends and also encourage their followers to purchase the products they promote.


How to pick the best fit Tech influencer


If the content from a tech influencer reflects authenticity, then it will automatically draw the attention of the followers. Every Tweet, blog post, or Instagram post should be original, and each sentiment authentic. That will assist in winning the trust of their target audience. The created content should not give the impression of a paid endorsement but should maintain transparency.


The number of subscribers or followers a tech influencer has is typically their reach. Although reach is not everything, you should always ensure that the potential tech influencer has a certain level of reach to market your brand. Apart from calculating the reach, you should also consider if the tech influencer can reach the target audience of your brand. If your target population is more active on Pinterest or Instagram, a tech influencer with a huge following on those social networks will be more valuable.


Companies should not work and collaborate with influencers who are not experts in their niche. Avoid going for influencers who are jacks of all trades. It is important to know if the tech influencer is relevant or appropriate for your brand or not, which should be done before you assess them in terms of their engagement and reach. Also, ensure that the content created by the influencer aligns well with the message of your brand.


It’s equally essential for brands to assess the frequency of their prospective influencer’s posts. It is obvious that most brands will look for influencers who can leave a significant impact on their followers’ mind, and this impact can only be generated through the influencers’ posts.

There’s a direct relationship between the frequency of the posts of an influencer and the number of visitors and traffic they can generate. Always ensure that your potential tech influencers are regularly posting their created content on social networks. Moreover, the content should be of high quality because it will encourage your audience to check out your company website.


Examples of tech influencers




If you are looking forward to working with small tech influencers, then you should consider the following influencer on Instagram. Codergirl, who is also called Laura Medalia, is a tech enthusiast and software engineer who has earned 70k Instagram followers through great consistent content. Medalia is rapidly becoming one of the popular women in technology on social media and is an influencer to look out for.

Sara Dietschy


Sara Dietschy is a rising star when it comes to the well-known tech influencers in the world. Her YouTube videos regularly address the recent tech news, and she has 226k YouTube subscribers. Moreover, she also offers her viewers some in-depth product reviews and comparisons as well as great products tips.

Kevin the Tech Ninja

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Kevin Nether is a vlogger behind the success of the channel. He is popularly known as a pretty experienced tech influencer who creates quality content, and he has 203k YouTube subscribers. The content he creates includes device unlocking guides and tutorials for utilizing tech programs such as Norton.

Kevin also creates more specific reviews on products and occasionally works together with top tech companies on these types of videos. He has partnered with brands such as Sylent and Android in the recent past and has assisted in enhancing brand awareness among many other consumers.


Types of tech influencers

Brand specific tech influencer



These tech influencers can be largely focused on one particular brand. While they might occasionally explore technology and gadgets from other brands their main focus is on one particular brand. Examples of this include iJustin, a YouTube tech influencer with over 5 million subscribers. While she occasionally does videos on brands like Samsung, the bulk of her videos are largely focused on Apple’s products. A piece of advice for brands to work with an influencer that always speaks about your brand as content would seem more authentic.

Product specific tech influencers


Product specific influencers refer to those with a particular niche in a specific product. Take the example of Austin Evans who places a huge emphasis on gaming PCs on his channel. While he does have videos about other electronic devices, we have to agree that his PC videos are a favorite of ours.

General tech influencers


These are the influencers who do not choose to focus on a particular aspect. Instead, they produce content from a wide variety of brands. Take the example of Jon Rettinger, a successful tech influencer who produces a good variety of videos for his subscribers. His unique perspective on the latest tech gadgets have garnered him over 500 million views on YouTube.


Why use tech influencers

It builds trust quickly

Influencers have developed relationships, credibility and trust with their fans. Most people respect their recommendations and content. By sharing a tech influencer’s content, you will easily gain their attention, and they will also begin sharing yours, helping your cause.

Enhances your content strategy

When you share an influencer’s content, you can assist in filling in the gaps in your content schedule. That typically works well in circumstances where you don’t have any content ideas.

Improves your brand awareness

Influencer marketing can significantly expand your positioning and reach online. Social media users will start knowing more about your story, your brand, who you are, as well as the solutions you provide.

Provides great value to your intended audience

At the core of inbound advertising is delivering relevant content that solves different problems, inspires and educates your target audience. Influencer marketing typically embraces this idea, as tech influencers are already aware of the needs of the individuals they serve. Consecutively, you can effortlessly leverage their content to provide value to your intended audience.

Effectively reaches your target market

Through relevant tech influencers, your content will be put in front of social media users who are interested in your specific niche already. You don’t need to spend extra costs on testing and locating your target audience because the tech influencer has already nurtured this audience on social media networks.



With a good understanding of how tech influencer marketing can speed up your online objectives, you can devote to implementing your campaign fast to experience all these results in your company. Influencer marketing is incredibly helpful for startup brands or firms that have been struggling to get traction in social media advertising.

The success of digital marketing and influencer marketing significantly depends on the tech influencers and the relationship you have with them. But getting the right tech influencers is the most daunting task for most brand promoters. And just because you’re in the same niche with a tech influencer doesn’t guarantee you an effective marketing campaign.

Ensure that their posts are genuine, have a pretty high engagement rate, and reach your intended audience. The frequency of the created posts is also an important indicator when choosing an influencer.

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