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From Myspace to Facebook – social media platforms are constantly evolving and new platforms are always emerging. This year, one of the most popular social media platforms would have to be TikTok, the video social networking website with a huge focus on video content.

Today, we will touch on how TikTok can be used for F&B marketing. What are some of the TikTok food trends? Who are the food influencers of TikTok? How can we use the platform to market our brands? These points would be discussed in today’s article.

TikTok food trends | An F&B TikTok Marketing guide

F&B TikTok Marketing, Food influencers 2020

For those of you who have not explored TikTok yet, TikTok is a platform where users are allowed to record short videos (up to the time limit of 60 seconds). Users can choose to use the many soundtracks and filters available on TikTok to customize their videos.

The range of content on TikTok is extremely diverse. From fashion to entertainment, many categories of content are available on TikTok. However, we will only focus on the food aspect today.

We shall start off with the type of food-based content that tends to do well on TikTok. Due to the shorter video duration length on TikTok, TikTok videos that tend to do well would be those that are short yet engaging.

From food hacks to creative recipes, TikTok has seen the rise of many food trends. You might find some of them familiar. For instance, the dalgona coffee trend, where users ‘whip’ their own coffee became viral thanks to social media platforms like TikTok.

TikTok recipes have managed to capture the eyeballs of many, despite its relatively short video duration. You might think that longer-form content is necessary when it comes to cooking or baking tutorials. However, that is not that case on TikTok. As the dalgona coffee trend has shown us, food content is still able to thrive in the shorter content form.

Of course, a tip would be to have clear instructions and to focus on the important things, such as the crucial points of a recipe.

Apart from recipes, food content such as food hacks has been widely popular on TikTok. From tips on how to cut large watermelons to tips on freezing herbs for meal preps, TikTok has been at the forefront of these trends.

Some of you might realise that such trends actually existed way before the prominence of TikTok. This simply shows the power of TikTok when it comes to making content viral. With its engaging tunes and its many filters, TikTok certainly makes content fun and interesting to watch.

Now that we have talked about some of the viral food content on TikTok, we shall move on to look at some successful F&B TikTok Marketing examples.

F&B TikTok Marketing #1. Chipotle

Firstly, we have Chipotle, the American fast-food restaurant chain. As part of its Halloween campaign, the brand had a discount going on for customers who came in with their Halloween outfit.

Chipotle then promoted this campaign by creating a TikTok challenge, where TikTokers were challenged to showcase their Halloween transformation online.

For additional traction, the brand promised to give free burritos to the top five most-liked posts that used the hashtag #Boorito and #Contest.

The brand also worked with Influencers like Zach King and Jiffpom to promote the challenge. Eventually, the #Boorito eventually garnered a whopping 4B views.

F&B TikTok Marketing #2. Doritos

Secondly, we have Doritos, the tortilla chips brand. Doritos made use of TikTok in their 2020 marketing strategy.

The brand created a TikTok dance challenge, to get social media users to post their dance moves accompanied with the hashtag #CoolRanchDance. To promote the challenge, they also worked with influencers such as @dtay.known and @montanatucker. As of August, the hashtag has garnered 7.2B views.

Almost 3,000 users have created dance videos using the challenge’s official sound clip on TikTok.

These are 2 out of the many successful food marketing campaigns on TikTok. A big part of such TikTok marketing campaigns involves food influencers. Therefore, we have found 4 food influencers that might be interesting to check out!

Food influencers 2020: #1. Adam Witt

Firstly, we have Adam Witt (@omnivorousadam), who is a TikTok influencer with more than 200K followers on the platform.

Adam used to work in the digital marketing industry which explains his many creative TikTok videos. To add on, his current profession as a private chef has resulted in a largely food-based TikTok account.

If you scroll through Adam’s account you will be able to find many interesting food hacks and recipes. From hacks that will teach you how to turn your croissant into a delicious waffle to fried rice recipes, Adam’s content would certainly stir some serious hunger pangs!

Food influencers 2020: #2. Chelsey White

Secondly, we have Chelsey White (@chelsweets), who is a food influencer specializing in desserts.

You can surely tell how many people are enamoured with her food videos with 1.5 million followers on TikTok. You can find tantalizing cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and many more sugary treats on her TikTok account.

Therefore, if you have a sweet tooth or simply like to make and bake desserts, Chelsey’s content is a must to watch!

Food influencers 2020: #3. Maggie Johnson

Thirdly, we have Maggie Johnson (@magsmeals), who is a cheese enthusiast, as you can probably tell from her profile.

Many food TikTok-ers have their area of expertise. For Maggie, its healthy food recipes and cheese. Maggie’s TikTok story started a few years ago when she sharing the healthy meals she cooks online.

Her videos soon gained traction and it eventually resulted in her own business where she takes custom orders. Thanks to these custom orders, we get to see her many beautiful food inventions on TikTok.

Food influencers 2020: #4. Vivian Aronson

Fourthly, we have Vivian Aronson (@cookingbomb), who specialises in traditional Chinese cuisine. Her TikTok account features a range of recipes. From recipes suitable for kids lunches to creative desserts like boba cake, her TikTok is filled with ingenious videos.

For those of you that might not know, Vivian was part of the 10th season of the cooking competition show MasterChef. Therefore, her culinary skills should not come as a surprise!


TikTok is known for many things, food content being one of them. Therefore, we hope that F&B marketers would be able to jump on this bandwagon as a way to engage consumers in an entertaining manner!

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