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A F&B Influencer Marketing Case study | F&B on Social Media

Pizza Hut

Sizzling, splattering, splashing.

Our bodies were long ago accustomed to rely on food for sustenance,

to be drawn towards the aromas of the tantalizing dishes.

But food is so much more than a means to survival, it is an experience.

It takes one on a rollercoaster ride – the thrill of experiencing something new,

the expectations we have before delving into our meals

and most importantly,

the many memorable moments families and friends share during mealtimes.


Pizza Hut started out on our sunny island in 1981. Ever since then, it has developed into the household brand it is today.


In the past decade, we bore witness to the rise of the likes of Grabfood, Deliveroo, FoodPanda. These food delivery services took our Little Red Dot by storm. They were readily incorporated into the fast-paced lifestyles of 21st century Singaporeans.


As a result, this phenomenon posed a threat to brick and mortar restaurants, Pizza Hut is one of them.

PizzaHut in our Hearts

Therefore, we wanted to bring people a walk down memory lane. To the days where families and friends hustled around a table happily digging into their meals in a  fun environment.


People at different stages of life were selected to share their personal anecdotes about their various dining experiences on social media.


By tapping into the combined creativity of all our participants, we came up with a refreshing take on dining out. Some chose to take close up shots of the pizzas.  While others posed happily with their loved ones to convey the joy of dining out as a family. The grins on their faces as they enjoyed a warm meal with their loved ones by their side was irreplaceable. The range of pictures produced was unique in their own way, with no two similar images.


These series images had a purpose. We want to bring across the message that amidst the bustling of our city, the curves and obstacles life throws at you, there are always simple joys in life. Therefore, seize the hour and enjoy the treats life has to offer!

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