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Top Singapore Influencers Across All Tiers You Should Know

By August 18, 2023No Comments

Top Singapore Influencers Across All Tiers You Should KnowInfluencer marketing is defined as partnering with brands, individuals, or celebrities who have built up a significant amount of following and online presence and are able to influence trends, opinions, thoughts, and decisions. Their main mode of communication and operation is through mass media, such as social media and Internet channels.

Over the years, influencer marketing has transitioned into a key marketing strategy for many brands. By partnering with popular and well-received influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), brands are able to tap into the influencers’ existing audience pool, extending their reach into the market.

In fact, many brands and businesses are beginning to witness the shift in consumers’ purchasing decisions. A recent survey on social media influencers was conducted in May 2023. Approximately 50% of Singaporeans who responded stated that they bought a product because it had been promoted by an influencer.

Brands and businesses that have yet to tap into such an effective strategy need to consider it seriously. Influencer marketing does not have to be a costly strategy. In this article, we will show you the top Singapore influencers in their own tiers and how various tiers can help with your campaign strategy.

1. Nano: 1,000 – 10,000 followers

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Nano influencers are budding generations of everyday influencers who are able to impact their community. Working with nano influencers is not only cost-effective, but also they have better connections with their followers, allowing your brand to be promoted more effectively too.

Abigail Chloe (@chlobigail) is an example of an ideal nano influencer. With 6,334 followers, you might have spotted the Singaporean lifestyle influencer in several TheSmartLocal videos. Her profile displays healthy followers and account growth, a high engagement rate, and diverse content. From travels and product recommendations to daily lifestyle, nano influencers like her are ideal for brands looking to explore influencer marketing.

2. Micro: 10,000 – 100,000 followers

Top Singapore Influencers 2

Micro-influencers focus on a specific area or niche and are typically regarded as topic specialists or industry experts. Combined with a smaller following as compared to a typical influencer, they have a stronger influencer-follower relationship.

Kaylene Choo (@kayleneeeechoo) is an example of a micro-influencer. The Singaporean lifestyle influencer was already a successful influencer even before marrying and being a mother. While she works with various brands across industries, she currently posts mostly about her family. Hence, if you are a family-oriented brand or service, or a beauty and lifestyle business, she should be on your “to-follow” list.

3. Mid-tier: 100,000 – 500,000 followers

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As the name suggests, mid-tier influencers are nestled in the middle of the smaller and larger influencer tiers. They are mostly made up of influencers working as professional content creators. Typically, they have several affiliate marketing partnerships, sponsored postings, and brand collaborations under their belt, which make up their main source of income.

Daniel Ang (@danielfooddiary) is one of the most popular food review bloggers in Singapore. His contents are known to be brutally honest, which is why many of his followers trust and follow him for good food recommendations. He has revealed many times that he pays for the food he posts and does not hold back on his critiques.

4. Macro: 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers

Top Singapore Influencers 4

Macro influencers typically gain popularity through the internet, whether it is from vlogging or through producing online content. If your brand is looking to target a specific group audience but still wants to reach the masses, macro influencers are capable of achieving those goals.

Jian Hao Tan (@thejianhaotan) is a man with many talents. He is primarily known for his YouTube channels, where he posts relatable skits, such as “13 types of students taking notes”, “13 types of people in the cold weather”, and “14 types of people at the beach”. Because of that, his content is popular among the younger generations. On top of that, he runs a car dealership called HypeCars, as well as a production company called Titan Digital Media.

5. Mega: 1,000,000 and above

Mega influencers, sometimes called celebrity influencers, are often more famous than influential. They do not have as strong an influencer-followers relationship as compared to the other tiered influencers. They also have a diverse range of audiences across varying topics of interest. While they may not be considered subject matter experts, they are able to achieve instant reach with a single post.

Top Singapore Influencers 5

Singapore does not have many mega influencers. One of them is Dorothy Soh (@dotzsoh), a travel content creator, photographer, and social media influencer. With more than 1.2 million followers, her feed is filled with travel and lifestyle content. Initially starting off her influencer career with beauty and fashion-related content, she has since expanded to more lifestyle content.


Influencer marketing is a must-have strategy in your marketing campaign. Not only are influencers capable of expanding your brand’s audience reach, but they have the necessary skills and experience to optimise and maximise your marketing strategies, which is why brands need to engage content creators.

Kobe is an influencer marketing agency in Singapore that aims to bridge that gap by matching your brand with the best influencer, KOL, and content creator possible. Whether you are looking to explore such a solution or have prior experience in the field, we have worked with many tiers of influencers, both locally and internationally. Contact us to find out how our KOL marketing strategy can be implemented in yours!