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Social Media 101: The Dos and Don’ts Of Using Hashtags

Here is an interesting statistic for you to consider. Over 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram each day, so how do users sort out this mind-boggling amount of content? Well, they do so with the hashtag function.

However, hashtags serve a myriad of purposes beyond helping users to filter the content. They have enormous utility for digital marketers and social influencers in Singapore. This tool allows them to identify critical audiences interested in their particular niche or business, making it easier for them to connect with an audience who is receptive to what they have to offer.

However, as with anything connected to the internet, caution needs to be exercised when implementing hashtags to your social media campaign. This is because hashtags are user-generated and can quickly take a life of their own.

Everything is fine and dandy when your followers are spreading the hashtag to generate positive word-of-mouth. However, things can quickly escalate to a PR nightmare if the hashtag commonly associated with your brand attracts negative news. Thus, influencers and businesses must know the dos and don’ts of leveraging hashtags to expand their brands.

The dos

Do conduct sufficient research on the hashtag you are using

Take time to research any hashtag you are looking to adopt and see how it is commonly used. Understanding its facets will allow you to position your brand with intention, growing alongside a curated audience that has a personal investment in the products and services you are offering.

Do ensure the hashtag is relevant to your brand

You need to ensure that the hashtag you are planning to use is relevant to your brand. After all, the aim of the hashtag feature is to allow users to easily filter out the appropriate content that is targeted at them.

So while using a trending hashtag may attract plenty of attention, if it is not relevant to your products and services, chances are not many people will interact with or click on your post to find out more.

Do create unique hashtags for special events

Special occasions, such as a contest, the launch of a campaign or promotion, or an anniversary, are ideal for you to create unique hashtags to reach a specific audience.

While this requires more time and effort, you can better control and shape the narrative in the direction you want. And if you are planning giveaways to coincide with the special occasion, you can inform your followers to use your specially curated hashtag for a chance to win, allowing you to obtain a higher reach.

The don’ts

Don’t implement hashtags that are open to various interpretations

Don’t create hashtags that are open to broad interpretations, especially for your essential branding campaigns. Standing out from the crowd will allow you to build an audience for long-term growth.

Being strategic in structuring your hashtags can enable you to coordinate postings with high engagement rates, granting you control of the dialogue and preventing competitors or naysayers from hijacking your marketing efforts.

Don’t utilise too many hashtags

It is imperative for you not to stuff your post with too many hashtags. While hashtags allow your content to be more searchable, you also do not want it to look congested. Marketing specialists generally recommend anything between two hashtags for ideal curation and ten to maximise impact.

Don’t string too many words in one hashtag

You need to be careful when utilising a hashtag that contains multiple words for your social media campaign. Avoid stringing too many words in one hashtag, as doing so makes it challenging for your followers to decipher the message.

It is generally recommended to limit your hashtag to three words or less and use capitalisation to ensure each word stands out. For example, #AnnualPromo2021 is easier to decipher as compared to #annualpromotionsale2021.


Hashtags are an essential tool that, when utilised correctly, can help to grow your brand’s social media presence to reach a wider audience. You can use them creatively and serviceably to expand the reach of your content, start trends, and stay in touch with your followers.

This is why hashtags are a vital part of any influencer marketing strategy. However, it is crucial to note that while the opportunities are immense, so are the potential pitfalls. Thus, you need to consider every facet of your hashtags before implementing them in your social media campaign to ensure the maximum returns for your effort.