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What is Threads?

Threads is a new social-media platform created by Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta. Since its launch on 5th July, over 100 million users have joined the platform. This includes many brands and celebrities such as Netflix, National Geographic, Coldplay, and Kim Kardashian.

Threads and Twitter have uncanny similarities. However, some features of Threads include having 500 characters per post while Twitter only has 280 (for most users). Users can also post videos up to as long as 5 minutes on Threads, and share content from Threads directly on to Instagram stories. To sign up for Threads, you will need an Instagram account. 

While Threads is available for iOS and Android, it is currently unavailable in the EU region due to regulatory concerns. 

Threads & The Fediverse

Threads is part of the Fediverse. For those who are unfamiliar with The Fediverse, it is a decentralised network of interconnected social platforms. Each platform is independently operated but can communicate with others using a common set of protocols. Users have more control over their data and can choose platforms that suit their preferences. It offers diverse alternatives to centralised social media, enabling users to connect and share content across different platforms.

Meta has stated on their Instagram FAQ: “Our plan is to make Threads part of the Fediverse – a social network of different servers operated by third parties that are connected and can communicate with each other. Each server on the Fediverse operates on its own but can talk to other servers on the Fediverse that run on the same protocol. We plan for Threads to use a protocol called ActivityPub to talk to other servers that support this protocol.”

This means that in the future, Threads users can interact with others regardless of which federated social networking app they are using.

Will there be Ads on Threads?

Currently, there are no Ads and no options to purchase Ads on Threads, but according to Axios, A Meta source stated that Threads will not introduce ads until its user base reaches a critical mass. Hence, we can expect to see advertising tools available to us in the near future. 

Should Brands be on Threads?

In the meantime, brands should leverage on using Threads to engage with users by creating conversations. As Threads is a more interactive social media platform, Brands can participate in Threads by responding to users who write about your brand or answer questions that users might have. This can lead to established trust and a stronger bond between users and your brand.


In conclusion, Threads presents a promising opportunity for brands to connect with a growing user base and engage in meaningful conversations. As the platform continues to evolve and gain momentum, it is crucial for brands to stay ahead of the curve. This can be done by exploring the benefits of being present on Threads. If you would like to learn more about effective influencer and social media marketing solutions, visit Kobe at today.