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In the past, purchasing a tech gadget might involve a trip down to the physical store, enquiring about the specs from the store’s salesman. Today, thanks to the internet, it is no longer necessary to do this. We are able to find all the information we need, compare the latest models and even hear about other’s experience with the tech gadget we are interested in through a few quick searches.

From the unboxing to informative videos, there are many types of content related to tech that can be found online. The rise of influencers has naturally resulted in tech influencer marketing. Therefore, this article will touch on some examples of tech influencer marketing to see how we can build a relevant tech influencer marketing campaign.

What is a relevant tech influencer marketing campaign?

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To start off, a relevant tech influencer marketing does not necessarily have to be about budgets and influencers who are immensely popular. Rather, it is more about selecting the influencer that is the most relevant to your brand and your campaign goals.

This means that the most relevant influencers is based on the brand. For instance, if your brand’s target group is a younger demographic, your most relevant influencer will be different from a brand who is targeting an older demographic.

Additionally, the message you intend to convey will also affect the choice of influencers. It would certainly make sense for tech brands to seek out tech influencers. This is because their followers, which consists of tech enthusiasts are probably the group of people tech marketers are looking to reach out to.

Furthermore, tech influencers will naturally be deemed as a reliable source of information. After all, they are influencers who possess a sufficient grasp of technology developments.

That being said, these brands have also collaborated with influencers apart from tech influencers. Again, this boils down to the brand’s message and target group. For instance, if a brand wishes to focus on the aesthetic design of its product, approaching lifestyle influencers would make sense. These influencers might not be able to give a detailed rundown of the spec of each product, but, they do have the ability to take insta-worthy pictures of the gadgets.

Therefore, there is no strict formula to a relevant tech influencer marketing campaign. Instead, the perfect influencer marketing campaign is one that is relevant to your brand’s message and goals.

Moving on, we will be looking at some tech brands that have done a great job in influencer marketing.

Relevant tech influencer marketing: #1. Hulu

Firstly, we have Hulu, the American subscription video platform.

Hulu has tapped into influencer marketing to boost awareness of its platform’s sports-related content.

Since the focus of the particular campaign was on the sporting offering of the platform, Hulu naturally worked with sports influencers. The #HuluSellouts campaign involved NBA stars as well as members from the US women’s national soccer team.

The campaign garnered over a million likes and more than 5 million views. This example brings across the point that tech influencer marketing does not necessarily have to involve tech influencers. Instead, it is tailored to the particular campaign’s goals.

Relevant tech influencer marketing: #2. Intel

Secondly, we have Intel, the technology company best known for its processors found in many laptops.

What is noteworthy is that intel is largely a B2B (business to business) company. This means that its main source of customers is from other businesses.

Therefore, their focus on influencer marketing is unique as influencer marketing is often used by brands who have consumers are their direct customers.

The brand’s Global Brand & Innovation Communications Manager, Nicole Smith, has affirmed the importance of influencer marketing for B2B companies. Bringing the point across that the content on the internet can influence individual consumers of B2C brands as well as business consumers of B2B brands.

Another interesting point to note is that the brand does not only work with macro-influencers. For instance, the brand has partnered up with Karl Conrad (@Karl Conrad) to showcase its booth in the consumer electronics show. Intel’s example shows us that tech influencer marketing does not necessarily have to come in the form of a video. Instead of informative content about the technical details of a product, influencers can be tapped into to create buzz for physical events.

Relevant tech influencer marketing: #3. The Walking Dead

Next up, we have an influencer marketing campaign involving The Walking Dead video game. The game, based on the popular comic book series of the same name, has tapped into influencer marketing.

The brand chose to work with YouTube influencers such as Anwar Jibawi, Hannah Stocking and Lele Pons.

You can catch the influencers involved acting in a skit that showcased the gist of the game. In the video, the influencers are acting out a scene where they can be seen fighting with zombies. This is because the game revolved around fighting zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

The YouTube video garnered millions of views online, and other content creators even created reaction videos where they reacted to the original video. This influencer marketing campaign shows us that gaming campaigns do not necessarily have to involve content that showcases influencers playing the game. Instead, there are many creative ways to showcase what the game entails.


In a nutshell, tech marketing is not necessarily only for brands who produce consumer gadgets. As seen in these tech marketing examples, many brands can tap into influencer marketing. From B2B companies to gaming companies, there are many creative ideas one can tap into depending on the campaign’s goals.

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